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Narayana Business School: Crafting Futures, One Student at a Time

At Narayana Business School, we understand the power of potential. Rooted deeply in the heart of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We’ve been guiding future leaders and business innovators for over two decades. Let‚Äôs delve into the world of NBS. Narayana Business School is founded on Three Pillars of Success:

NBS: Experience

When it comes to business education, experience is paramount. At NBS, we unlock wisdom through hands-on learning, live projects, and industry exposure. Our global immersion programs offer our students insights from around the world, ensuring they’re not just ready for their next job, but for a global career.

NBS: Expertise

The ever-changing landscape of business demands profound insights. We constantly navigate these changes, updating our curriculum every trimester, making sure our students are industry-ready from day one.

NBS: The Pursuit of Excellence

We believe in igniting the passion for perfection. Every course, every lecture, every seminar at NBS is designed with this in mind. Our pursuit of excellence is evident in our alumni, over 9000 of whom have made their mark in the corporate world and beyond.

The Narayana Business School Journey

Established in the historic city of Ahmedabad, NBS was the dream of two visionary academicians, Dr. Amit Gupta and Dr. Purvi Gupta. Their mission was clear: offer transformative education and shape the leaders of tomorrow. And today, after a remarkable journey, we stand tall as one of Asia’s distinguished business schools.

Leadership at Narayana Business School (NBS)

Initiated by visionary academicians Dr. Amit Gupta and Dr. Purvi Gupta, Narayana Business School in Ahmedabad stands as a beacon of innovative global education. With an emphasis on a 360-degree international perspective and a technologically advanced curriculum, NBS prides itself on turning aspiring students into tomorrow’s leaders. Commitment to excellence has always been the cornerstone of NBS. Through their relentless dedication, the founders have steered NBS into a rapidly growing institution that’s received wide recognition.


Today, thanks to the indomitable spirit and leadership of Dr. Amit Gupta and Dr. Purvi Gupta, NBS stands tall as a leading Business School in Asia, celebrated for its forward-thinking approach

NBS Vision & Mission

Our Vision

At NBS, our sights are set on becoming a globally recognized business school, providing multifaceted, skill-driven management education. We aim to produce professionals and entrepreneurs capable of addressing the complex challenges of our globalized world.

Our Mission

Our mission speaks our intent:

NBS Objectives: Making a Difference

Our objectives at NBS are clear and cantered around our students and society

Preferred Choice

Strive to be the top pick among students, faculty, and corporate recruiters.

Holistic Education

Offer multidisciplinary, career-driven education that adds value and quality.

Innovation & Research

Foster a thriving ecosystem for pioneering research, knowledge sharing, and innovation.

Global Competencies

Equip students to tackle challenges in a globalized world.

Exchange Programs

Facilitate national and international exchange opportunities for students and faculty.

Student Empowerment

Deliver platforms that let students explore and excel in their passions.

Industry Collaboration

Partner with industries, government bodies, and societal institutions, emphasizing inclusivity and equity.

Digital Pedagogy

Prioritize tech-driven teaching methods to cultivate digitally adept professionals.

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