Data Science And Business Analytics Course

Harness the power of data to make informed strategic business choices and propel your career forward with Masters in Data Science and Business Analytics from Narayana Business School with no coding background required, the best data science course in India. Ranked the best PGDM in Data Science and Business Analytics course, which equips students with critical skills, fostering a deep understanding of big data analytics principles. This course integrates cutting-edge data science innovations with the real-world utility of business analytics, offering professionals a thorough grasp of the discipline. 


An industry of $650 billion by 2029, NBS places the first batch of PGDM Data science and Business analytics course at the top of the ladder. Our graduates are sought after by top companies for data science and business analytics roles, owing to the industry-relevant curriculum and practical training we provide.


The difference between data science and business analytics is that Business Analytics involves analyzing business data through statistical methods to uncover insights. Data science, on the other hand, is the study of examination of data by employing statistical techniques, algorithms, and technology.


PGDM in Data Science & Business Analytics Program offers a deep understanding of core business principles, big data analytics software techniques, big data mining, machine learning algorithms, difference between bi and data science and statistical modeling along with learning data visualization techniques to master predictive analytics. 


Our pledge? To arm you with more than just knowledge and skills. Our data science is designed for working professionals and recent graduates across the spectrum of industries who are ready to redefine the boundaries of their professional lives.

Learning Path With Masters In Data Science

Diverse Modules In Our PGDM Data Science And Business Analytics Program


Plunge into the fundamental mathematical principles crucial for analyzing data. Investigate the roles of vectors, matrices, calculus, probability, and statistics in enhancing models and forecasting results.

Database Knowledge

Gain essential skills for creating, updating query, and administering databases with SQL commands. Master the art of storing, organizing, and accessing data effectively, equipping you to manage substantial data sets and execute intricate queries for valuable insights.

Programming For Data Science

Master programming languages for data science and business analytics, such as Python and R. Through hands-on projects, you’ll develop proficiency in coding, data manipulation, and statistical evaluation, facilitating efficient data analysis and the automation of tasks. Write efficient data code with no coding background required.

Deep Learning

Grasp the nuances of deep learning methods, emphasizing the use of neural networks to tackle sophisticated challenges. Discover how to employ frameworks such as how to install TensorFlow, Keras, or PyTorch for crafting models adept at processing complex data formats, including images, text, and time series data.

Machine Learning

Plunge into the world of machine learning, harnessing cutting-edge algorithms for predictive analytics and pattern recognition. Engage with popular methodologies like supervised and unsupervised learning to reveal critical big data insights.

ETL Tools

Learn to extract, clean, and load data with Apache NiFi, Talend, and Informatica. Directly from multiple sources to your database or warehouse for top-notch analysis with ETL automation testing tools. Master the craft of sourcing data from a vast array of origins, diligently refining and modifying it to meet premium quality benchmarks, and effortlessly transferring it into your database or data warehouse, primed for deep analysis.

Big Data

Gain insights into big data analytic technologies such as Hadoop and Spark, and comprehend the intricacies of managing and analyzing vast amounts of data. Learn strategies for distributing computations and enhancing the efficiency of data processing pipelines.

Data Visualization

Discover how to bring data to life using visualization tools like Tableau, Power BI, or D3.js. Learn to craft clear, impactful presentations that allow stakeholders to see the story behind the numbers and make informed choices.


Join hackathons to put your big data science and analytics expertise into action against real-world problems. Boost your problem-solving skills, learn to thrive under pressure, and hone your ability to communicate effectively.

Master Big Data Languages And Tools

During your PGDM in data science course, unlock the power of essential Data Science and Business Analytics languages and tools. Our curriculum is designed to make you proficient in key technologies, including MS Excel for exploratory data analysis Python and R for programming, MongoDB and MySQL for database management, and Hadoop for Big Data processing. Enhance your data processing capabilities with MATLAB, and create engaging data visualizations using Power BI and Tableau. Additionally, explore the Pandas library for efficient data manipulation and analysis.

Career Prospects for PGDM Data Science & Business Analytics Graduates

The field of Data Science and Analytics provides expansive and evolving opportunities. Here are some of the potential career paths for our graduates

Data Scientist

Analysing extensive datasets to drive business strategies.

Data Analyst

Identifying trends and patterns to support business operations.

Business Analyst

Assessing business processes for enhancement strategies.

Machine Learning Engineer

Building machine learning models for automated and intelligent systems.

Data Engineer

Designing and maintaining data infrastructures.

Data Architect

Creating frameworks for data systems, ensuring data integrity.

Data Visualization Specialist

Creating interactive presentations of complex data.

Data Consultant

Providing expert advice on data-related strategies.

Risk Analyst

Mitigating potential risks by analysing data.

Research Scientist

Conducting advanced research in data science and analytics.

Quantitative Analyst

Analysing financial markets for trading and investment strategies.

Healthcare Data Analyst

Analysing healthcare data to improve patient outcomes.

Supply Chain Analyst

Using data analytics to optimize supply chain operations.

Social Media Analyst

Analysing social media data for customer insights.

Fraud Analyst

Detecting fraudulent activities through data analysis.

Data Journalist

Combining data analysis and storytelling for effective communication.

And several more emerging roles in the data science industry.

Facts And Figures of Data Science

Highest Earners
Data scientists are expected to earn between $65k and $153k per year, making it the next ideal occupation.
Data Analyst Shortage
An alarming 60% companies face a critical challenge to find a skilled data analyst .
72% Companies Leverage Big Data
BCG and the World Economic Forum reveals that 72% of manufacturing companies are leveraging big data analytics to enhance productivity.
1400 Colleges Worldwide
Over 1,400 colleges and universities worldwide are using predictive analytics to enhance graduation rates, streamline the college experience, and direct students on a clear, data-informed path to success, minimizing unnecessary detours.
6.58 Hours Average
The Digital 2022 Global Overview Report indicates that, on average, individuals spend 6.58 hours online across various devices.
27.7% CAGR
The Markets & Markets forecast report projects the data science platform market to expand from USD 95.3 billion in 2021 to USD 322.9 billion by 2026, with a growth rate of 27.7% CAGR.
1.145 trillion megabytes

Daily data generation is estimated at 1.145 trillion megabytes.

178 Zetta Bytes

In 2023, around 178 Zetta Bytes of data were created and duplicated worldwide


91% of the data used in data science is text data.


90% of the datasphere is replicated data, with the remaining 10% being unique.


72% of manufacturing firms use advanced data analytics for productivity, according to a BCG-WEF report.

Why Take Data Science and Business Analytics Program Course

#1 Occupation Of 2024

There’s a gold rush in the field of data scientists and business analysts. With NBS, you become masters of both.

Career Diversity

Craft your unique path in data’s vast realm— big data analytics, AI, or beyond.

Highest Paying Job

Data scientists are expected to earn between $65k and $153k per year.

Be The King

Revolutionize decision-making and outsmart competition with unparalleled insights and training

Versatility Across All Data

Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, AI expert, Big Data Master, Data Visualization Specialist, Information Designer, UX Designer.

Be A Part Of Evolution

Learn Big Data, Business Intelligence And Contribute To The $650 Billion Industry.

Real World Ready

Learn Management Via Data, Solve Global Business Problems With Big Data Tools.

Ever Evolving

The industry will evolve with AI integration and so will your potential.

Use It Ethically

Champion ethical data use, paving the way for a fair and just digital future.

The World Awaits

Join NBS And Be 10x Employable With Our Data Science Course

Why Narayana Business School For Data Science

Acquiring a comprehensive and specialized PGDM in Data Science and Business Analytics course at our esteemed institution propels you beyond conventional academic programs. As you progress in your career and personal journey, building a robust network and gaining knowledge with big data tools and technologies that enables you to excel in the complexities of today’s dynamic world is essential. A PGDM in Data Science and Analytics from Narayana Business School, a leading business school in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and one of India’s top PGDM colleges, arms you with the business analytics and data science necessary tools and connections to significantly impact your data analytics roles and responsibilities.

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Narayana Business School (NBS) takes pride in attracting an ambitious and diverse PGDM in Data Science and Analytics Class of 2023, featuring professionals from various industries across India. Our PGDM program values and celebrates this diversity of thought, background, and career objectives. We are a premier business school in Ahmedabad, and our dedication is reflected in our vibrant learning environment that engages intellectually curious individuals from multiple cultures and academic backgrounds. Through this rich diversity, our students bring unique perspectives and experiences that enhance our learning community and uphold our status as one of the Top Business Schools in India.
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