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PGDM – Dual Specialization
PGDM – Data Science and Analytics
PGDM – Quantitative Finance
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PGDM – Dual Specialization
PGDM – Data Science and Analytics
PGDM – Quantitative Finance

Welcome to the dynamic and expansive NBS Alumni community, an ever-growing family of over 9,000 highly respected MBA & PGDM professionals present in more than 25 countries globally. When you join NBS, you don’t just initiate an academic voyage, you become a cherished member of a global network that will support and uplift you throughout your career.

Why Join the NBS Alumni Network?

Guidance & Mentorship

From sharing industry secrets to offering career tips, our alumni are always ready to guide and uplift you. Learn from their diverse experiences and achievements, and even seek advice on further studies or skill development, carving a promising path for your future.

Opportunities Galore

Whether you are hunting for the perfect internship, considering a job switch, or seeking insights to kickstart your own venture, there’s always an NBS alumnus ready to assist. Explore potential collaborations and business opportunities that can be forged through this resourceful network.

Shared Stories

Dive deep into success stories, understand the challenges faced, and get inspired by the perseverance and passion that brought them to their current standings. Stay tuned for interactive webinars and workshops where alumni share their narratives, fostering a vibrant community of learning and sharing.

Join our legacy, where together, we script the next chapter of success stories. With every new member, our strength proliferates, expanding our influence in the business world. Together, let’s shape futures and create significant ripples in the world of business. Become a part of NBS, where the journey continues long after graduation. 

Find Your Alumni Connection

Eager to connect with a specific alumnus or explore our vast network? Venture into our Alumni Directory. Note that this is a secure and user-friendly platform that safeguards the privacy of all alumni.

For a Glimpse into the NBS Experience

Student Journeys

Alumni Testimonials

Sandeep Bharadwaj

Designation : CEO
Organisation : HDFC Securities

Joining NBS was the turning point in my career. The invaluable guidance and mentorship I received from the alumni network prepared me for the real-world challenges in the business domain. Today, as an alumnus myself, I am proud to give back to the community that shaped me.

Jay Trivedi

Designation : Founder
Organisation : ValServe Group

NBS isn’t just an institution, it’s a journey of transformation. The rich network of alumni, spanning across various countries, provided me with perspectives and insights that were truly global. I am thrilled to be a part of this vibrant community that constantly motivates me to reach greater heights

Ashish Choudhary

Designation : Manager
Organisation : Tipsons group

The NBS alumni network has been a pillar of support throughout my career. From finding the right opportunities to seeking guidance on complex business issues, I’ve always found an alumnus willing to help. It’s heartwarming to see how the NBS family sticks together, encouraging each other to excel in their respective fields.

Join the NBS Alumni Network

Looking to become a part of this flourishing community?

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