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PGDM – Dual Specialization
PGDM – Data Science and Analytics
PGDM – Quantitative Finance

Applications – General

At Narayana Business School, the MBA & PGDM application evaluation is rigorous and holistic: 

Your application to Narayana Business School (NBS) will be evaluated based on several key components. These include your Statement of Purpose (SOP), which accounts for 20% of the evaluation; your score on the NBSAT, which is normalized to 40 marks; your academic performance and any prior work experience, which are collectively worth 20%; and your performance in the Personal Interview, which also accounts for 20%. Together, these components total 100% of the assessment criteria for your application. Admission will be contingent on a holistic review of these elements. 

Once the application is submitted, direct changes aren’t permissible. However, for critical updates or additions, contact the admissions office directly. 

While the reputation of an undergraduate institution might be considered, NBS evaluates candidates holistically. Performance, potential, and fit for the MBA & PGDM program are crucial. 

If parts are unclear when printed in PDF, contact technical support or the admissions office to ensure your application is accurately presented to the Admissions office. 

Yes, there’s an application fee of Rs 1000/- for the MBA & PGDM program.

Narayana Business School seeks diverse, talented, and motivated individuals who demonstrate potential for leadership, have a strong academic foundation, and bring unique perspectives. The admission process is designed to identify individuals who can excel in the program and positively contribute to the NBS community.

Applications – Work Experience

While we find two to five years of work experience desirable, candidates without any work experience can also be considered if they exhibit high academic achievements and extraordinary performance in other areas.

At NBS, rather than categorizing specific types of work experiences, we emphasize the roles, responsibilities, and learnings a candidate has garnered from their work. The Admissions Board evaluates the nature of the applicant’s work experience to assess their ability to manage the academic rigour of our MBA & PGDM program.

Instead of focusing on specific categories, candidates should highlight their roles, responsibilities, and learnings from their work experiences. The Admissions Office reviews the nature and quality of an applicant’s experience rather than just the field or industry.

The case method of learning used by our MBA & PGDM program thrives on exchanging diverse perspectives. Our students rely on their unique professional experiences when analysing and discussing cases with peers, adding depth to classroom discussions.

Yes, internships are considered part of the work experience at Narayana Business School.

NBS Admissions Process - NBSAT

NBSAT 2024 is the Narayana Business School Aptitude Test. It’s an entry requirement for prospective students looking to join MBA & PGDM programs at NBS, serving as an alternative to other management entrance exams.

NBSAT measures the candidate’s ability in Quantitative Techniques (QT), Data Interpretation & Data Adequacy (DI & DA), Vocabulary, Analytical Reasoning (AR), and Reading Comprehension (RC). Utilize study materials and practice with past question papers for comprehensive preparation. 

NBSAT is an online proctored exam, ensuring that candidates can take the test from a remote location while maintaining the integrity of the exam process.

NBSAT is scheduled to take place twice, corresponding with the two admission rounds at Narayana Business School. The first round of NBSAT is set to conclude with its deadline on December 11, 2023. The second and final round of the admission cycle has its deadline on January 29, 2024. Candidates should ensure they complete their applications and are prepared for the test by these dates.

Applicants must have a 60% aggregate in their 10th, 12th, and graduation. Final year students and graduates from any recognized university are eligible. There are specific requirements for some PGDM programs; please refer to the NBSAT admissions page for details. 

NBSAT I registration begins on October 23, 2023, and NBSAT II registration opens on December 18, 2023. Please check the NBSAT admissions page for closing dates and exam schedules. 

The NBSAT exam fee is INR 1,000 for all categories. 

The NBSAT score is part of the comprehensive evaluation process for admission, which includes SOP, academic performance, work experience, and a personal interview. 

Candidates unable to take the NBSAT after registration should contact the admissions office as soon as possible. Missing the exam without notice may affect your application status. 

The results for NBSAT I will be declared on December 19, 2023, and for NBSAT II on February 7, 2024. 

Personal interview slot booking details will be communicated via email after the NBSAT results are declared.

NBSAT scores are used for admission into various MBA and PGDM programs at NBS, including MBA+PGPCE, PGDM Dual Specialization, PGDM in Quantitative Finance, and PGDM in Data Science & Business Analytics. 

Information about financial aid and scholarships is available on the NBS financial aid page. 

Post-NBSAT, candidates must submit an SOP and attend a personal interview for final selection. The selection is based on a cumulative evaluation, including the NBSAT score. 

The NBSAT exam has a duration of 120 minutes.

The specific date for NBSAT is 16 th December 2023 for round one and 4th February 2024 for round two. 

The application deadline for the 1st round is 11th December 2023, and for the 2nd & final round, it’s on 29th January 2024. 

Candidates can appear for NBSAT only once.

The NBSAT is mandatory for admission into programs such as PGDM Dual Specialization, PGDM Data Science & Analytics, PGDM Quantitative Finance, and MBA+PGPCE.

There is no reservation policy in the NBSAT Entrance Test. 

There’s no age limit for NBSAT. However, candidates should have completed their Graduation or be in their final year. 

NBSAT scores are valid for admissions in the 2024-26 batch at Narayana Business School. The test is a prerequisite for programs such as PGDM Dual Specialization, PGDM Data Science & Analytics, PGDM Quantitative Finance, and MBA+PGPCE.

The selection process at Narayana Business School involves several stages: 

  1. Submission of the Statement of Purpose (SOP) and the application form. 
  2. Taking the Narayana Business School Aptitude Test (NBSAT). 
  3. Shortlisting candidates based on their NBSAT scores. 
  4. Conducting a Personal Interview (PI) for further assessment. 
  5. Compiling a final merit list based on the SOP, NBSAT scores, academic performance, work experience, and PI. 

Candidates must successfully complete each stage to be eligible for admission to the postgraduate programs at NBS.

The NBSAT consists of a total of 100 questions: 30 from Quantitative Techniques, 30 from Data Interpretation & Data Adequacy, 20 from Vocabulary & Analytical Reasoning, and 20 from Reading Comprehension.

  • Visit the NBS application portal. 
  • Click ‘Register’ and provide your details. 
  • Log in with the ID from your email. 
  • Fill out the application form and upload the required documents. 
  • Pay the fee through the available online payment methods. 

The guidelines for the NBSAT are as follows:

  1. Candidates are required to report online by 10:45 a.m. for user ID, password, and ID proof verification. 
  2. No candidate will be allowed to appear for the NBSAT after 11.00 AM. 
  3. The test duration is 120 minutes, from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm. 
  4. The NBSAT Entrance Exam will close automatically at 1.00 pm, and no extra time will be provided under any circumstances. 
  5. Any candidate found using unfair means will lose their chance of admission and will be disqualified from receiving NBSAT scores. 
  6. The scores released by the NBS are final and won’t be open for any appeal or revaluation. 

Yes, NBS conducts a mock NBSAT 3 days before the scheduled NBSAT date.

Certainly! You can download past NBSAT papers for practice from the provided link on the NBS website.

Yes, the cut-off for admission at NBS through the NBSAT Entrance Test is 50%.

Applications – Interview

NBS dispatches interview invites in phases to shortlist candidates who qualify for NBSAT. Your invitation’s timing doesn’t equate to your application’s status. Receiving an invite at any point is a step in the right direction.

Expect an interview spanning around 20 minutes, guided by an NBS Admissions Committee representative. It’s a chance for us to get to know you better. 

The purpose of the interview is to better understand you as an management candidate for our program. We encourage candidates to relax and be ready to talk about themselves. 

NBS Application Queries

Feel free to drop us an email at admission@nbs.edu.in or ring us at 8448444981 for any application-related queries.

Updates are aligned with NBS’s admission cycles. Please refer to our [NBS Admission Timeline/Link] for specifics. 

Owing to the vast number of applications, it’s challenging for us to give tailored feedback to each applicant. Ensure your application best represents you.

Candidates should submit applications only for the year they plan to enter the MBA & PGDM program. Postponements and deferrals are granted rarely and are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Financing Your MBA & PGDM at NBS

At NBS, the fee structure is designed considering a balanced student lifestyle. The specific financial details can be found on our cost breakdown page. For any queries, you can reach out to us at admisison@nbs.edu.in or call us at 8448444981. 

NBS is dedicated to ensuring that our MBA program is financially attainable for deserving students. While we encourage students to utilize personal funds to lessen their financial burden, a significant number of our students benefit from various financial aids. This support encompasses scholarships, fellowships, and loan facilities. Detailed information is available at https://www.mba-pgdm-admissions-2024-financial-aid-scholarships.nbs.edu.in  

NBS Learning Model & Approach

The case methodology at NBS is tailored to cultivate students for real-life leadership challenges. Through a rigorous and interactive learning atmosphere, students gain the knowledge, skills, and assurance to tackle a myriad of demanding decisions in their future careers. More insights on the NBS Case Methodology can be gleaned from our resources ( Place link of Teaching Pedagogy) section or by planning a visit to our campus. 

At NBS, students undergo an initial phase with a designated “section” of peers. This section undertakes foundational courses together, fostering both academic and social camaraderie. In the subsequent phase, students have the liberty to select elective courses from a wide range, tailoring their academic trajectory.

NBS values interdisciplinary learning. Students have opportunities to collaborate and engage with other institutions, enriching their academic journey. Specific details about partnerships can be acquired from our admissions office at admisison@nbs.edu.in or 8448444981. 

While NBS doesn’t offer a complete online MBA, we have introduced various online modules and courses through the NBS Digital Learning initiative. These modules ensure that students and professionals can upskill and stay abreast of the latest in business education. 

Student Life at NBS

NBS is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all students. For those with disabilities, be they physical, cognitive, or temporary, NBS offers a variety of accommodations to ensure a comfortable and enriching learning experience.  

NBS boasts a vibrant student community engaged in a plethora of clubs and associations based on industries, interests, sports, and regions. Students can hone their leadership skills, network, and actively participate in various events, conferences, and treks organized throughout the academic year.

A significant portion of the NBS student community, approximately 65%, choose to live within the NBS campus or in affiliated housing. Given the popularity of on-campus accommodations, rooms and apartments are often allocated via a first come first serve basis.  

NBS is well-connected and easily accessible, whether you’re commuting by car or using public transportation. The campus’s strategic location in Ahmedabad means students don’t necessarily need a personal vehicle, given the efficient public transport networks in place. 

The area surrounding NBS Ahmedabad offers a myriad of opportunities for students to unwind and socialize. From cultural events, eateries, and nightlife to festivals and shopping districts, students will find no shortage of things to do.

Events and Networking Opportunities at NBS

To experience the vibrant atmosphere of NBS, simply register for an on-campus informational session and tour through our dedicated events page. 

Absolutely! NBS prides itself on its vast and engaged alumni network. From student-led treks to global business hubs to career-centric events, the networking possibilities are endless. Plus, a significant number of our alumni are actively involved, eager to guide current students as they navigate their career trajectories. Dive deeper into these networking avenues on our ‘Alumni Page. 

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