India’s First PGDM In Quantitative Finance Program

EY's CAFTA Program Included With No Extra Fees

Become A Full Time Quant Finance Expert

Narayana Business School is India’s first B School to provide a dedicated full time PGDM in Quantitative Finance with integrated EY’s CAFTA program. The 14 of modules of CAFTA have been co created with the curriculum of masters in quant finance. The quant finance course is designed to make you lead the world of quant, trading, finance and numbers. Work with national and international banks, manage hedge funds and become expert quantitative analysts with leading MNCs. According to a report by, quant finance experts expectedly earn between $68,000 to $150,000 yearly on a global market. Your question on how to become a quantitative analyst is answered here.

Highest Per Hour Salary

Quantitative analyst experts are known to have the highest per hour salary in the entire quant and finance market which is close to $50 per hour. Expected average earnings globally starts at $70,000 yearly. A quant expert with knowledge of 14 CAFTA modules? Industries are already looking for you.

Exclusive Collaboration With EY

Imagine learning from the masters of the trade. We’ve joined forces with EY to offer a new EY’s CAFTA program with our full time quant finance course.  Other partnerships include CARE, CRISIL, and PwC to bring you India’s First Ever finance program that starts from ground level and ends at expert level.

Your Future in Investment Banking, Quant, And Trading

Aim high in investment banking, quant, or trading? We’re your accelerator. With India’s first PGDM in quantitative finance that merges real insights with actionable expertise. The 6 trimester finance program helps you master risk management, portfolio management, SAP, blockchain and more.

What Makes Our Quantitative Finance Course Stand Out

Quant Learning Reimagined

Our program has a dynamic interplay of global financial trends and patterns. We teach you on how to master the world of finance and machine learning.

Real World Applications

Master computational finance. Prepare for leading roles in global investment and financial modeling with real world projects during the program.

Multiple Career Options

Not just a quantitative analyst, our program can help you explore fields like risk management, forex trading, portfolio management, frm, algo trading and more.

We Are Global

By choosing India’s first PGDM in quantitative finance pins you on the world map. Become the highest earners of the decade with quantitative finance.

Is This For You?

Our program is designed for people who can understand numbers, economics and have a deep interest in trading and finance management.

Dig Deep In Quant Finance

With real world projects and updated curriculum, master integration of AI in the world of finance, go deeper with our full time 2 years quantitative finance program.

We Teach You Data Too

Our quantitative finance is complete without teaching you the aspects of data mining, data analysis and data management. We are bringing quant finance and data under one dedicated program.

Our masters in Quantitative Finance with CAFTA program rewards you with additional certificates after completing each module of the integrated EY CAFTA program. In the end, you are rewarded with expert quant skills, industry knowledge with CAFTA and a chance to be in the alumni network of EY. 

PGDM Quantitative Finance Program With EY CAFTA Program

Gear Up with Top Tools

Master the must-haves in finance like MATLAB, Python, Power BI, SAP-FICO Module, and Tableau. Plus, steer confidently into Data-Driven Decision Making.

Go Global

Familiarize yourself with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and see the financial world through a global lens.

Real-Time Data

Spend an action-packed 10 days in the Bloomberg Terminal, your window to the pulsating world of live financial data.

Strategic Finance

Navigate the complexities of project financing, mergers, and the art of company valuations.

Invest Like a Pro

Ace portfolio management strategies, get a grip on trading pitfalls and utilize stats to make sharp investment moves.

Risk Analysis

Decode the subtleties of corporate credit risk and shield company treasures with solid treasury risk management.

Financial Forecasting

Wield the magic of financial modelling to sketch out where a company is headed.

Mastering Global Trade

Get a handle on the nitty-gritty of international trade finance.
With us, you’re not just learning; you’re becoming a finance maestro. Dive into our rich, practical curriculum, hands-on learning and elevate your financial game!

Popular Fields You Can Join After Learning Quantitative Finance

Did you catch this? The data wave hitting India is nothing short of epic. By 2024, we’re looking at a jaw-dropping 73% growth. What does that translate to? A booming demand for finance whizzes who can surf this data tsunami with style. With a degree and 14 certificates masters in Quantitative Finance course, you’re stepping into a world teeming with opportunities, join the TOP 1%.

Advanced Quantitative Asset Management

Learn from real-world scenarios and simulations to unlock innovative investment strategies, enhancing asset growth and portfolio diversification.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Learn the art of predictive analytics and algorithmic trading to become the architect of tomorrow’s financial strategies. Emphasize the incorporation of AI and ML techniques in financial analysis.

Blockchain And Crypto Assets

Understand the impact of crypto assets and blockchain technology on finance, staying ahead in digital finance transformation.

Sustainable Finance & ESG Mastery

Lead in responsible investing. Our program on ESG criteria and sustainable finance equips you to meet the growing demand for ethical investment strategies.

Live Market Analysis

Experience finance in real-time. Analyze live market data in our curriculum, honing your ability to make swift, informed financial decisions.

Quantitative Portfolio Mastery

Step into the future of asset management. Our course dives into quantitative strategies, teaching you to revolutionize portfolio management with advanced analytics.

Machine Learning Integration

Predict markets with machine learning. Learn cutting-edge techniques for data-driven investment decisions and optimizing trading strategies.

International Finance Competence

With real time data always know cross-border investment. Specialized modules prepare you for the complexities of global finance, from multinational strategies to international market navigation.

Risk Management Master

With our advanced risk management modules, you’ll learn to predict and mitigate financial threats using the latest data analytics tools and techniques.

Algorithm Trading

Our hands-on modules on algorithmic trading prepare you for success in high-frequency trading and quantitative funds.

Ethical Finance Expert

Narayana Business School keeps ethical considerations and regulatory landscapes of finance, preparing you for principled decision-making in your career.

Strategic Finance Consultant

Our quantitative finance program empowers you with strategic thinking and consulting skills to create innovative financial solutions.

Big Data Tools And Techniques

Not just quant, learn the power of big data. Our finance curriculum have been co created that infuses analytics into every lesson, equipping you to lead in the digital financial world with unmatched analytical skills.

NBS distinguishes itself as the first institution to offer this specialized program. This program is tailored for those with a background in Economics, Finance, or STEM, into the quantitative aspects of finance, like risk management, algo trading, financial modeling, portfolio management, and financial engineering.


The integrated CAFTA program is different from the one offered by EY. With quant finance, we have customized and co created the 14 modules of CAFTA program and we reward a certificate after completion of each module instead of just one certificate that EY offers. Our masters in quantitative finance reaps much for benefits than regular EY’ CAFTA program. With us, you get help from not just regular CAFTA expert, but dedicated expert finance faculty that can help you from the ground level.


We are preparing students for a variety of roles in asset management, financial engineering, and risk management.. The teaching approach emphasizes practical, hands-on learning, leveraging tools such as MATLAB, Python, and Bloomberg Terminal, thereby equipping students with the skills needed for the dynamic world of finance. The pedagogical focus of NBS ensures over 100% return on investment through high average placement packages relative to program fees. 

Know All About Quantitative Finance !

You asked, we answered. All your queries relating to quantitative finance and risk management answered by our dedicated finance experts. For now info, connect with us.

Narayana Business School (NBS) proudly presents its dynamic and eclectic PGDM Class of 2023. Drawn from various industries across India, these professionals exemplify the diverse strengths we value. Our commitment as a premier business school in Ahmedabad is mirrored in a vibrant learning environment where intellectual diversity thrives. From different cultures to varied academic landscapes, our students infuse unparalleled insights that enrich our learning community, reinforcing our reputation as one of the Top Business Schools in India.
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