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At Narayana Business School, we prioritize creating a harmonious, safe, and fair environment for our entire community. In line with this commitment, we’ve established a comprehensive Online Grievance Redressal System designed to address and resolve the concerns of students, parents, and staff members efficiently and confidentially.


Our Online Grievance Redressal System is guided by the following objectives:

Scope and Procedures

The Online Grievance Redressal Committee handles various grievances, ensuring adherence to the principles of natural justice. Our process involves:

Committee Members Section

Our dedicated committee, comprising esteemed faculty members and student representatives, oversees the grievance process:

Dr. Purvi Gupta

Director – Chairperson

Dr. Jeegnesh Trivedi

Associate Professor – Coordinator

Ms. Anjali Shah

Assistant Professor – Member

Mr. Himanshu Gupta

Assistant Professor – Member

Mr. Mihir Desai

Student – Student Member

Ms. Heena Kosar

Student – Student Member

Submit A Grievance Online

For any concerns or issues, please reach out to us at grievance@nbs.edu.in. Rest assured, prompt action will be taken to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

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