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PGDM – Dual Specialization
PGDM – Data Science and Analytics
PGDM – Quantitative Finance

Step beyond the ordinary at Narayana Business School Ahmedabad, a hub of creativity and energy where talented minds are shaped into world-changing leaders in a supportive, opportunity-rich environment.

Student Life at Narayana Business School: Beyond Academics

Welcome to Narayana Business School – where life is about more than textbooks and exams. Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment where experiences resonate with the thrill of an IPL season.


Imagine a journey that’s every bit as thrilling as an IPL T20 cricket season. It’s filled with excitement, glitz, gruelling sessions, and more. And just like in IPL, our “players” – that’s you, our students – are in the spotlight at the end, not the start. Why NBS? Because here, you undergo a transformative journey packed with personal growth and professional strides. At Narayana Business School, student’s journeys evolve from fresh starts to celebrated finishes.

At NBS, every day is an adventure. From endless classes, projects, and exams to exhilarating sports, clubs, and parties, life here is vibrant.
You've got to live it to understand it.

Bhavya Dattani,
Batch 2020-2022.

At NBS, every day is an adventure. From endless classes, projects, and exams to exhilarating sports, clubs, and parties, life here is vibrant.
You've got to live it to understand it.

Bhavya Dattani,
Batch 2020-2022.

Campus Architecture 

Step into Narayana Business School (NBS) and immerse yourself in an environment that epitomizes excellence


Where Champions Grow Beyond the Game


Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural tapestry


Signature Events at NBS: Where Enthusiasm Meets Innovation


Your Journey to Empowerment, Engagement, and Excellence

The City

Ahmedabad: The Pulse of Gujarat's Rich Heritage and Vibrant Modernity


Bridging Academic Excellence with Real-world Perspectives


A 3-Tier Approach To Guidance, & Growth & Professional Success

Industry Interface

Bridging Industry Leaders with Aspiring Managers

The Dynamic NBS Campus

Discover a campus teeming with opportunities. From cutting-edge infrastructure to serene spots, every corner is designed for holistic student development. Our vast sports complexes keep you active while scenic gardens offer serene spots for relaxation. At the heart of our campus lies innovation, evident in spaces dedicated to fostering creativity and collaboration. Why choose the best MBA college in India? Because at NBS, we invest in giving you the resources to excel academically, socially, and personally.

Nurturing Your Success & Well-being at the Heart of NBS

Experience an environment where holistic well-being is prioritized. Here, academic aspirations align perfectly with personal growth and wellness. Wondering WHY NBS stands tall as the Best MBA College in India? It’s our undying commitment to your holistic growth. At NBS, your success and well-being walk hand in hand. Dive into our robust network of mentors, advisors, and counsellors dedicated to guiding your academic path, offering career insights, and uplifting your overall well-being. Here, mental health isn’t just a catchphrase; it’s a mission. We aim for a perfect blend of work-life balance, ensuring an ecosystem that propels you to your pinnacle of potential.

Celebrating Achievements at NBS | Witness the Making of Success Stories

Meet our pride – the students. Discover their success stories, a testament to NBS’s transformative education. The answer to “Why Business School?” lies in the tales of our remarkable students. Get inspired by their journeys of academic prowess, research milestones, and groundbreaking entrepreneurial feats. Our students’ accolades and stories serve as a testament to the transformational role NBS plays in carving out success stories. Immerse yourself in firsthand accounts of how the top-ranked business school in India shaped their aspirations.

Relationships That Last a Lifetime | From Classmates to Life-long Companions

At NBS, relationships aren’t constrained to lecture halls. Here’s a heartwarming snippet from one of our students: “From those daunting first days to the joyous moments of placements, my NBS journey was paved with memories, friendships, and growth. The lush NBS campus, diverse student body, and countless cherished moments made me realize the power of peer learning. From academic challenges to weekend escapades in Ahmedabad, the bonds formed here are eternal. NBS isn’t just about education; it’s about community.

Student Connect

Your NBS Journey Awaits Time to Take the Leap!

Eager to be a part of the NBS legacy? Dive into a world where academic brilliance and holistic growth are intertwined. Apply for MBA Admissions and begin your transformative journey at the Best MBA College in India. At NBS, we don’t just shape careers; we craft futures. Join us and experience it firsthand.

Narayana Business School Placements

Comprehensive Placement Reports

Exploring Campus Virtually: Your Interactive Tour 

Use our Virtual Tour to discover spaces that aren’t even available on an in-person campus tour, get a sneak peek inside the hallowed hallways!

Narayana Business School Where Visionary Minds Excel

Real World Hands-on Learning

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