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PGDM – Dual Specialization
PGDM – Data Science and Analytics
PGDM – Quantitative Finance

Welcome to a stepping-stone towards a bright future filled with opportunities and learning experiences that will be cherished for a lifetime. At NBS, we have sculpted an academic schedule that aligns seamlessly with your ambition and drive to excel. Here’s your roadmap to success, featuring a dynamic array of events and academic milestones to foster the leader in you.

Here’s a sneak peek into what awaits you in the coming semesters.

MBA + PGPCE Academic
Calendar 2024-25

(Induction Program -Genesis)
July 25 - 03 August 2024

Academic Calendar 2024-2025

Embark on an enlightening journey at NBS, where we pave the pathway for your successful future with meticulously planned academic schedules. Here is your guide to the anticipated journey for the academic year 2024-25, loaded with opportunities to learn, evolve, and network. 

Year 1 

Trimester I

15th July - 27th July 2024

Dive into the NBS culture with the 'Genesis 2024' induction program, your gateway to excellence.

29th July 2024

Commencement of Classes - A new beginning of learning and growth.

17th October - 26th November 2024

Term End Examination - Showcase your learning and progress.

26th October 2024

End of Trimester I - The lession end, Look Forward to new lessons with the new energy.

Trimester II

11th November 2024

Commencement of Classes - Embark on another journey of learning and exploration.

20th January - 28th January 2025

Term End Examination - A platform to exhibit your academic advancements.

28th January 2025

End of Trimester II - Wrapping up another successful term of learning.

Trimester III

3rd February 2025

Commencement of Classes - Stepping into a new phase of academic excellence.

21st April - 29th April 2025

Term End Examination - Time to shine with your acquired knowledge and skills.

30th April 2025

End of Trimester III - Closing a chapter of enriching experiences.

1st May - 30th July 2025

Corporate Interface Through Summer Internship Program - A golden opportunity to experience the corporate world hands-on.

Note : 1) This is a provisional academic calendar, and the dates are subject to change.

               2) Diwali vacation is from 27th oct 2024 – 10th Nov 2024.

Year 2 

Trimester IV

3rd August 2023

Commencement of Classes - Embarking on a new journey of advanced learning.

31st October - 9th November 2023

Term End Examination - Demonstrating your progress and academic depth.

9th November 2023

End of Trimester IV - Celebrating the completion of another successful term.

Trimester V

23rd November 2023

Commencement of Classes - Continuing the journey of learning and development.

1st February - 10th February 2024

Term End Examination - Time to prove your enhanced understanding and knowledge.

10th February 2024

End of Trimester V - A significant milestone in your academic journey.

Trimester VI

19th February 2024

Commencement of Classes - The final lap of your academic journey at NBS.

22nd April - 30th April 2024

Term End Examination - Your chance to shine with all the knowledge acquired over the years.

30th April 2024

End of Trimester VI - A celebration of your achievements and the knowledge acquired.

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