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PGDM – Dual Specialization
PGDM – Data Science and Analytics
PGDM – Quantitative Finance

Welcome to the official AICTE Mandatory Disclosure page of Narayana Business School. Discover comprehensive details about our distinguished programs, including PGDM and MBA, and their accreditation status, all in compliance with the All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) regulations.

Choose Your Program Disclosure

A detailed outline of the Master of Business Administration program, fulfilling all criteria for AICTE’s mandatory disclosure mandates.
An all-encompassing guide to the Post Graduate Diploma in Management program, tailored to provide clarity and transparency as per AICTE’s mandatory disclosure requirements.
Please review the official AICTE approvals, validating the high standards and comprehensive nature of our educational offerings.

MBA Mandatory Disclosure at Narayana Business School

Welcome to the official MBA Mandatory Disclosure page for Narayana Business School. Here, we provide comprehensive details about our MBA program, ensuring transparency and adherence to AICTE guidelines.

Institution Overview



  • Institution Name: Narayana Business School 
  • Permanent Institution ID: 1-3405047431 
  • Type: Self-Financed 
  • Contact Details: Visit Our Campus 
  • Last Meeting Date: The last meeting of our Governing Board and Academic Council was held on 12th January 2024. 
  • Meeting Frequency: 
  • Board Meeting: Conducted quarterly to ensure strategic alignment and governance. 
  • Academic Council: Meets annually to review and guide academic affairs and policies. 

Engagement in Academic Affairs

Faculty Involvement

Our faculty play a crucial role in enhancing the educational experience through:

  • Active involvement in industry-academia collaborations to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. 
  • Participation in curriculum development to ensure the relevance and currency of our academic programs. 
  • Continuous professional development to bring the latest industry practices into the classroom. 
  • Engagement in research initiatives that enrich the learning material with cutting-edge knowledge. 
  • Contribution to various institutional committees such as admissions, placements, and grievance redressal, ensuring a holistic and supportive environment for students. 
  • Providing personalized mentorship to students, focusing on their academic and professional growth. 

Student Involvement

Our students are encouraged to actively participate in:

  • Various institutional committees like Placement, Finance, and Marketing Committees, contributing to the effective delivery and implementation of programs. 
  • Academic and extracurricular activities such as conferences and competitions, enhancing their learning experience and institutional reputation. 
  • Student council committees, ensuring a continuous dialogue between the student body and the administration to address academic needs. 
  • Initiatives like the Anti-Ragging Committee and Grievance Redressal Committee, fostering a safe and supportive.

This collaborative ecosystem at Narayana Business School ensures that both faculty and students are integral to our continuous journey towards academic excellence and innovation. 

Organizational Chart

The framework of Narayana Business School’s leadership and departmental connections. 

Narayana Business School Management Hierarchy

Governance and Feedback Mechanisms

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At Narayana Business School, we are committed to upholding democratic governance and maintaining high standards across all institutional processes. Here’s how we ensure good governance:

Governing Board and Academic Council

Comprising esteemed members, these bodies ensure the institution's strategic alignment with our educational mission and oversee academic excellence.

Committee Adherence

We strictly adhere to the guidelines and committees prescribed by AICTE and other regulatory bodies to ensure transparency and accountability in our operations.

Internal Committees

Various internal committees are formed and actively functional, catering to different facets of institutional governance, and ensuring participatory decision-making.

Faculty Assessment

Students provide feedback on faculty performance using a formal method on a scale of 1 to 5, alongside informal feedback during Open House Sessions with the Director.

Feedback Sessions

Regular Open House Sessions are conducted with the Dean, program heads, and other HODs to directly address student queries and concerns.

Academic Council Interaction

Students have the opportunity to meet with Academic Council members to share feedback and suggest improvements to the academic programs.

Grievance Redressal

An online Grievance Redressal Mechanism is in place for the registration and resolution of student grievances, ensuring a responsive and student-friendly environment.

Student Feedback and Participation

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Continuous Improvement

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Committees for Student Engagement

Students are encouraged to be a part of various institutional committees to contribute to effective program delivery and implementation. These committees include Placement, Finance, Marketing, Anti-Ragging, Grievance Redressal, SC/ST Committee, and Women’s Development Committee, among others.

Research and Development

Faculty involvement in industry-academia collaboration, curriculum development, and research initiatives ensures that the education delivered is current and industry-relevant.


Faculty provide one-to-one mentorship for academic support and corporate grooming, preparing students for the challenges of the business world.

For a complete list of committees and their functions, please visit our Committees Page.



  • MBA Program Intake: 
  • 2023-24: Approved – 180, Actual – 165 
  • 2022-23: Approved – 180, Actual – 156 
  • 2021-22: Approved – 125, Actual – 70 
  • Cut-Off: 50% across all years 
  • Student and Faculty Involvement: Extensive collaboration in industry-academia, curriculum development, research, and mentorship programs. 
  • Feedback Mechanism: Formal session feedback, open house sessions, and online grievance redressal for holistic academic improvement. 

Infrastructure and Facilities

Admission &

Placements and Industry Connect

Faculty and Administration

  • Admission Procedure: Criteria and process outlined at NBSAT 
  • Program Fees: Detailed fee structure available here 
  • Placement Records: Comprehensive details of the last three years available at NBS Placements 
  • Industry Linkage: Our robust connections detailed here 

Best Practices and Innovations

Discover NBS's Core Educational Pillars

Innovative Teaching Pedagogy

Our interactive and practical approach to learning ensures students are industry-ready. Explore Our Methods.

Dynamic Student Clubs

Get involved in student-led initiatives that complement academic learning. Join the Clubs.

Mentorship Program

Benefit from our three-tier mentorship program for personalized guidance. Meet Your Mentor.

Value-Added Programs

Enhance your skill set with our additional certification courses. Add Value to Your Degree.

PGDM Mandatory Disclosure at Narayana Business School

Welcome to the PGDM program’s mandatory disclosure page, providing transparency in our operations as per AICTE norms.

Institution Overview

Narayana Business School (NBS)

Governing Trust

Narayana Foundation

  • Type: Section 25 Company 
  • Registration: The Ministry of Corporate Affairs 
  • Website: www.nbs.edu.in 
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Board and Council Meetings:

  • Board Meeting:  Quarterly 
  • Academic Council: Yearly 

Faculty and Student Involvement

Faculty Roles:

  • Industry-academia collaboration 
  • Curriculum enhancement 
  • Knowledge and skills development 
  • Research initiatives. 
  • Participation in conferences and committees 

Student Roles:

  • Committee involvement for program effectiveness 
  • Participation in conferences and competitions 
  • Engagement in student council and campus committees 

Organizational Structure

Organizational Chart: An outline of our institutional hierarchy from the Narayana Foundation to individual departments. 

Narayana Business School Management Hierarchy

Governance Norms

  • Strong adherence to AICTE and regulatory bodies’ guidelines. 
  • Democratic and good governance practices. 
  • Regular stakeholder feedback mechanisms. 
  • Online Grievance Redressal Mechanism established. 


For a comprehensive list of our committees

PGDM Program Intake

Annual Intake and Cut-Off Details:


Approved Intake 

Actual Intake 














Faculty :  

Meet Our Educators: For profiles of our full-time faculty members

Program Fees :  

For detailed PGDM program fees

Admission Details :  

Admission Criteria: For admission procedure and weightage

Academic Resources

Research and Industry Connections

Research Projects: Insights into faculty research can be found

Industry Linkage: Learn about our industry connections

Best Practices and Innovations

NBS prides itself on adopting the following best practices:

AICTE and GTU Approvals for Narayana Business School

Narayana Business School adheres to the highest educational standards set by the All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and Gujarat Technological University (GTU). Our commitment to educational excellence ensures that our MBA and PGDM programs meet and exceed the national regulatory requirements. This section provides access to our AICTE Extension of Approval (EOA) documents, as well as GTU’s accreditation, reflecting our dedication to offering prestigious and recognized qualifications.

AICTE Extension of Approval (EOA) Documents

GTU Approval Documents

In addition to AICTE approvals, our programs are affiliated with Gujarat Technological University (GTU), further ensuring the quality and recognition of our educational offerings. Here are the GTU approval documents for your reference:
Narayana Business School is committed to transparency and easy access to our accreditation and approval information. These documents reinforce the trust and confidence in the quality of our educational programs, aligning with our mission to provide top-tier management education.

For further details or inquiries, feel free to contact our Office of Admissions at (M) 844 8444 981 or visit our website at www.nbs.edu.in. 

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