NBS's Unique Three-Layered Mentorship

At Narayana Business School, we firmly believe that nurturing guidance is the cornerstone of a student’s transformative journey. Our bespoke three-layered mentorship program is meticulously crafted to address every aspect of your academic and professional development, ensuring a continuous stream of pertinent counsel is always at your disposal

The NBS Mentorship Experience: Triple the Guidance for a Fulfilling Journey

Peer Mentor

Your Compassionate Guide in the NBS Voyage

Starting on a new educational adventure can sometimes feel daunting. That’s why, at NBS, your first pillar of support is a seasoned senior – a buddy who has navigated the NBS currents and is adept with the vibrant campus life. From manoeuvring through academic hurdles to immersing in the NBS culture, your peer mentor stands as a beacon of support, ensuring a seamless transition into your new environment.¬†

Faculty Mentor

The Architect of Your Academic

At the heart of our mentorship program are our revered faculty mentors, serving as your academic guardians. Equipped with deep industry insights and a passion for nurturing young minds, they strive to sculpt you into a proficient professional ready to make a mark. With a guidance approach grounded in real-world relevance, they pave the path towards your future success, nurturing skills and perspectives that resonate with the industry’s evolving demands.¬†

Industry Mentor

Bridging the Gap Between Classroom & Corporate

Gain invaluable insights directly from the vanguards of the business domain. Your industry mentor serves as a bridge, connecting classroom learning with real-world corporate dynamics. Absorb the nuances of daily operations, acquaint yourself with prevalent challenges, and acquire practical insights that transcend textbook knowledge, preparing you to step confidently into the corporate sphere with a rich reservoir of know-how.

NBS Mentor-Mentee Program: Commitment to Your Growth

Commitment to Your Growth

This structured mentorship embodies our unwavering commitment to each student’s holistic development. At Narayana Business School, we’re more than just India’s top MBA & PGDM college; we’re your partners in the journey towards unparalleled academic and professional success.¬†

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