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Join the Top MBA+PGPCE Program in India at Narayana Business School

Discover your Transformative & Exhilarating Journey with Narayana Business School (NBS), a Leading Name in India’s MBA landscape. We go beyond the conventional, with a GTU-Affiliated MBA and comprehensive PGPCE program offering you practical tools alongside theoretical knowledge for a flourishing career in the corporate world.

Our 18-month Post Graduate Program in Corporate Excellence (PGPCE) bridges the gap between academics and industry needs. With three core modules and over 30 value-added courses, NBS Ahmedabad stands out as a top destination for a globally recognized MBA education. 

Narayana Business School is your passport to an enriching learning experience, with a range of MBA specializations and a roster of distinguished faculty members. Apply now for MBA Admissions 2024 and step into a realm of opportunities and excellence. 

Where Visionary Minds Excel in our Full-Time MBA+ PGPCE Program

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Courses for MBA + PGPCE
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Why select a business school and, more specifically, why opt for Narayana Business School? Our esteemed institution offers an MBA program ranked among the top MBA programs in India, providing you with a comprehensive network and knowledge base that propels you into a dynamic global environment. We go beyond conventional academic programs & ensure that your gained knowledge from the NBS MBA experience enables you to excel in the complexities of today’s dynamic world is essential.

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Seeking insights into our full-time MBA program? Navigate through our comprehensive FAQ section to get detailed insights into MBA programs at Narayana Business School, one of the leading MBA colleges in India.

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Prospective students can engage with current students and NBS alumni through various channels. Connect, learn, and grow with your peers

We are proud of the diverse and ambitious MBA Class of 2023 at NBS, attracting professionals from diverse sectors across India. Explore how our MBA courses foster a vibrant learning environment, encouraging diverse perspectives and experiences, further enhancing our position as one of the top MBA colleges in India.
Ready to start a transformative & exhilarating Journey with Narayana Business School’s Full-Time MBA+PGPCE Program? Begin your application process here Start Your Application and step into a world of real, impactful learning at one of the top MBA colleges in India

At NBS, we believe money shouldn’t stand in the way of your dreams. We facilitate your educational aspirations with financial aid, scholarships, and dedicated assistance for loan processes. Together, let’s make your dreams of joining the best MBA program in India a reality.

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