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PGDM – Dual Specialization
PGDM – Data Science and Analytics
PGDM – Quantitative Finance

Program Stucture MBA + PGPCE

Analytics-Driven MBA+PGPCE at NBS: Mastering Business Fundamentals

Step into a world that challenges traditional thinking and encourages innovative mindsets with Narayana Business School. Our MBA+PGPCE program, renowned as the best MBA program in Gujarat, fosters a data-driven approach, intertwining analytics, and business fundamentals, forming the cornerstone of a transformative learning journey.

Experiential Learning: Moulding Future Leaders at NBS

Narayana Business School stands tall as a nurturer of the future leaders poised to spearhead change in the dynamic business arena. Our nurturing ground comprises rich case studies and a focus on experiential learning, developing comprehensive leadership attributes, setting our MBA program a notch above the others in India. 

A Robust Two-Year MBA+PGPCE Program with Live Industry Projects

NBS MBA + PGPCE program, which spans two years and includes four semesters, delivers over 30 MBA and 30+ value-added courses in PGPCE. This amalgamation of conceptual learning and practical applications in MBA, accentuated with live industry projects, accentuates NBS’s position as a prime destination for MBA aspirants.

Year 1 of MBA + PGPCE: Exploring Diverse Subjects in MBA with Industry Projects and Value-Added Programs

In your first year at NBS, you’ll explore a wide spectrum of subjects across diverse streams such as Marketing, Finance, HR, IT, Operations, and General Management. Our curriculum ensures a holistic education that prepares you for various facets of the business world. 

Sharpen your practical skills with live industry projects, focusing on data-driven decision-making, financial statement analysis, and research projects utilizing SPSS software and R-Program for business analytics in MBA. 

“In addition to a three-month domain internship, you’ll have the chance to collaborate on real-world projects with leading companies. This valuable exposure is part of what makes us one of the top MBA colleges in Gujarat, enhancing your practical understanding of the industry and readying you for a thriving corporate career.

In addition to a three-month domain internship, you’ll have the chance to collaborate with leading companies on real-world projects, a pivotal aspect that ranks us among the top MBA colleges in Gujarat, preparing you for a prosperous corporate career.  

Our value-added programs complement your core MBA curriculum, equipping you with the sought-after skills essential for succeeding in the competitive job market, rendering our MBA program one of the most sought-after MBA programs in India. 

Year 2 of MBA + PGPCE: Practical Applications and Unlocking Potential at NBS

As you step into the second year of the revered MBA+PGPCE course at NBS, acknowledged as the best MBA program in Gujarat, the emphasis shifts towards practical applications of the core concepts. This critical period facilitates the selection of your MBA specializations, offering a range of multidisciplinary elective subjects each term, meticulously crafted by industry maestros. These subjects delve deep into industry best practices and methodologies, furnishing you with profound insights. 

Our distinctive program structure, synergized with globally acknowledged teaching methodologies, propels Narayana Business School students to exceed globally recognized performance benchmarks. Immerse yourself in an environment fostering the acquisition of practical skills and extensive knowledge, preparing you to excel in the vibrant business landscape. 

Program Summary

SEMESTER - I 30 540 210 350 1100
SEMESTER - II 30 540 210 350 1100
SEMESTER - III 32 750 180 420 1350
SEMESTER - IV 20 420 120 260 800
SUMMARY 112 2250 720 1380 4350

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