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Director's Message

Crafting Tomorrow's Leaders at Narayana Business School

Hello Aspiring Leaders and Esteemed Guardians,


Warm greetings from Narayana Business School (NBS), one of India’s top and best business institutions. Whether you’re considering our acclaimed PGDM or MBA programs, know that you’re stepping into an establishment primed to mould tomorrow’s pioneers. 


In the rapidly advancing corporate environment of India and beyond, managers need to be several steps ahead. While traditional education sometimes falls short, NBS strives to be the bridge. We’re not just about degrees; we shape careers, successes, and futures.


With a legacy stretching over two decades, our commitment to excellence in education and management is unparalleled in Gujarat. What sets NBS apart? Our strategic independence and robust financial backbone. 


At our core, we prize quality. This resonates in our innovative curriculum, top-tier faculty, research thrust, and comprehensive course design. Nestled in the heart of Ahmedabad, our campus is a crucible for producing the best in business leadership and professional excellence. 

Director Of Narayana School, Dr Amit Gupta

Dr. Amit Gupta


Educationist | Founder | Director

Narayana Business School

Our vision is clear: Forge holistic leaders. NBS ensures students receive a multifaceted business education, urging them to challenge norms and envision grander scales. Our ethos encourages creativity, risk-taking, and pioneering approaches, setting our students on paths that can redefine industries. 


Our tailored PGDM and MBA programs are meticulously designed for the modern business landscape. We train our students to navigate the intricate nuances of an ever-evolving global business arena, making them standouts in the Indian and international corporate world. 

To all ambitious students and their parents, join us. Let’s embark on this transformative journey with NBS, shaping unparalleled futures and crafting India’s next wave of business magnates.


Our Commitment | A Word from Our Dean

Greetings Aspiring Achievers,


Welcome to another exhilarating year at NBS, diving deep into our standout PGDM and MBA programs. Your pursuit of excellence has led you here, to one of India’s premier institutions.


I’m honoured to steer the PGDM and MBA programs at NBS, and I promise you a journey like no other. Our esteemed faculty are not just educators; they’re industry mavericks, here to ignite thought and inspire action.


While our academic rigour is unmatched, we equally emphasize holistic development. Our curriculum is enriched with real-world interactions, pivotal workshops, and leadership exercises, ensuring every NBS graduate is a force to be reckoned with.


Diversity is our pride at NBS. I urge you to learn from the myriad cultures, backgrounds, and experiences that converge here. The bonds you cultivate now can be your professional anchors tomorrow.

Dr Purvi Gupta, Dean Of Academics At Narayana Business School, Best MBA college in Gujarat AICTE Approved, deemed to be university

Dr. Purvi Gupta


Dean-Academic | Founder | Director

Narayana Business School

Your NBS journey will test you, but in challenge lies growth. Harness our resources, lean on our expertise, and let’s craft your success story together.


Remember, true success encompasses continuous learning, adaptability, and leadership that values ethics and community. Aim not just for personal accolades but to uplift and lead.


These formative years will be transformative. Embrace each lesson, cherish each triumph, and always aspire for more. Together, let’s sculpt a future where the sky is merely the starting point.




Our Commitment | A Word from Our Director

Greetings Aspiring Achievers,


Indrajeet is a young educationist entrepreneur who started his professional career by founding iQuanta, a digital education venture. He is committed towards expanding accessibility to quality education at affordable price points at all levels. With that in his stride, he has taken up the Directorship of Narayana Business School. The Board of Governors have reposed their faith in Indrajeet’s vision to reorient the management education landscape, thus making him the youngest director on the board. His journey from a village in Begusarai, Bihar to becoming a successful businessman serves as an inspiration to thousands of young professionals. Continuing on the path of being an educationist at the core, he imparts a plethora of enriching business lessons from his own experience to the students at NBS.


Vision at Narayana Business School:


Over the past five years at iQuanta, through my interaction with students from top-tier business schools, I have recognised the widening gap between the curriculum and the industry expectation.

Indrajeet Singh



Narayana Business School

A wider acknowledgement of the trend is the sporadic growth of online courses that promise to make business school students, ‘industry-ready’. The right answer is not to load students to take up these courses because it just delays them from entering the workforce. Instead, efforts need to be made to make the two years that are spent at Business School more relevant and valuable for the students. At the core of the solution is a better connect between industry and academia.


Narayana Business School’s vision is aligned to my own as they stand for innovative learning methodology and cultivation of practical skills. They are committed to maintaining market competency in management education. I took up directorship at NBS to serve as the bridge between academia and the new-age tech industry with the intent to make students well-skilled to meet the expectations of their future employers as soon as they enter the workforce. I will serve as the youngest Director at Narayana Business School to ensure that we keep creating management professionals who become innovative, creative and knowledgeable business leaders of tomorrow.

Meet our powerhouse faculty, a blend of experience and innovation, ready to guide you on a journey of success and growth. 
Our Legacy
Step into a world of global opportunities at NBS, where business education transcends boundaries, offering you a global platform to shine. 
Research Initiatives
At NBS, we believe in fostering a community where ideas compete, and individuals collaborate, pushing you to expand your horizons and think bigger. 
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