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Conferences And Seminars – Narayana Business School

Narayana Business School, recipient of 3rd Best B School in Gujarat by IIRF 2023, is redefining business and management education by going beyond the 4 walls of classrooms. The effort to make the students of NBS, the best trained and highly employable crowd of the country, NBS Ahmedabad proudly hosts an annual series of national and international conferences. Narayana School wants its students to have the broadest, most accepting, and versatile mind of this generation. These gatherings are not just a medium of exchanging information but a confluence of innovative minds, leaders, and scholars from across the globe, dedicated to fostering advancements in management, social sciences, humanities, and interdisciplinary research and more domains.

Why Attend Our Conferences?

Networking with Global Leaders

Eye to eye with industry pioneers, academic visionaries, and fellow innovators.

Cutting-edge Insights

Stay ahead with the latest research findings which are beyond ChatGPT and Google

Collaborative Opportunities

Forge valuable collaborations with academia and industry for future projects.

About Narayana Business School

Our Legacy and Vision

Founded over two decades ago, Narayana Business School hailing in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat has been on the top as a leading business school in India, with a robust alumni network of over 9,000 professionals, attractive placements and over the top teaching pedagogy. Our mission is to mold future leaders through a rigorous curriculum that blends theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

Academic Excellence and Innovation

Our flagship programs, including the AICTE-approved PGDM with dual specializations and the MBA program in affiliation with Gujarat Technological University, are designed to meet the dynamic needs of the business world. 

Our Conferences at a Glance

  • Theme: Advances in Management, Social Sciences, and Humanities. 
  • Highlights: Keynote speeches by global experts, interactive workshops, and groundbreaking research presentations. 
  • Focus: Innovation in Digital Transformation and its Impact on Business & Management. 
  • Outcomes: Insightful discussions on digital transformation strategies, networking sessions, and collaborative project initiations. 
  • Objective: To explore sustainable management practices that contribute to inclusive growth. 
  • Impact: Shared innovative approaches in management, policy implications, and strategies for fostering economic development. 

Why Our Conferences Matter

In essence, the series of conferences hosted by Narayana Business School transcends the traditional academic boundaries, embodying a dynamic nexus of innovation, leadership, and scholarly exploration. Conferences at NBS are committed to advancing the role of businesses in society, emphasizing ethical practices, sustainability, and social responsibility. By bringing together diverse perspectives from around the world, we encourage the exchange of knowledge and foster international collaborations that drive global progress.


Each event, distinct in its theme and rich in content, not only illuminates Narayana’s psyched commitment to pushing the frontiers of knowledge but also its pivotal role in cultivating a community where scholars, practitioners, and leaders converge to inspire and be inspired. These gatherings are more than mere meetings of minds; they are incubators for the transformative ideas and strategies that will lead tomorrow’s business landscapes and academic discourses. Through such vibrant platforms, NBS does not just keep pace with the evolving world; it helps drive the change, marking itself as a beacon of progress in the vast ocean of business education and research. As we look forward to the impacts and innovations that will emerge from these conferences, it’s clear that NBS is not only participating in the global dialogue on business and academia, NBS is leading it.

Voices From Our Participants

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Upcoming Conferences

Stay updated on our upcoming conferences, themes, and registration details. Join us in shaping the future of business and society.

Call for Papers

We invite scholars, practitioners, and students to submit their research and join our community of innovators.

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For more information about our conferences, submission guidelines, or registration process, please contact us at info@nbs.edu.in.

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