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Transform Your Career with NBS – Discover Exceptional MBA Placements & Learning Experiences!

Hey Future Leaders!


Did you know?NBS is your gateway to a world brimming with diverse possibilities! We’re connected with over 670 renowned organizations across the globe, crafting a network that opens a treasure trove of opportunities just for you!


Our prestigious legacy, marked by a 100% placement record for over two decades, opens up a realm of opportunities, with our students landing packages up to 32 Lakhs. Experience the Power of Over 100% Return on Investments with Narayana Business School’s MBA/PGDM Programs.


What’s even more exciting? Our unique environment and innovative teaching approach make NBS a magnet for recruiters who are always on the lookout for extraordinary talents like yours.


And guess what?They find it hard to resist coming back, year after year, competing to get the best that NBS has to offer!

Where Top Companies Find Their Future Leaders.

Our stellar placement record spanning over 23 years is a testament to the exceptional quality of our pedagogy. NBS instils a culture of excellence that fosters one of the highest-quality placements in India. By incorporating the best educational practices, we ensure that our students are equipped with the necessary competencies to thrive in an ever-changing industrial landscape.


670+ Corporate Recruiters

Average Placements

14.43 Lakhs

Top 10%


11.5 Lakhs

Top 25%


9.98 Lakhs

Top 50%

Lateral Highest Package
0 Lakhs
Highest Package
0 Lakhs
Average Package
0 Lakhs
Pre-Placement Offers
0 %
Return on Investment
> 0 %

Discover Excellence & Opportunity –
Become a Part of
NBS’s Legacy!

At NBS, we are proud architects of success, creating benchmarks in business education with our MBA & PGDM program. Our students redefine limits, securing unmatched packages and leaving indelible impressions on the business world. Are you ready to step into a realm filled with unparalleled possibilities and transformative experiences, and ace the NBSAT Exam?

Beyond Placements: Nurturing Leaders, Shaping Futures – Immerse in the Unique NBS Experience!

NBS is not just about securing top-notch MBA Placements—it’s a cradle for leaders of tomorrow. Our innovative teaching methodologies ensure you don’t just achieve your dream job, but also become the torchbearer in your domain. Whether you’re aspiring to be an entrepreneur or scale the corporate ladder, your journey at NBS is destined to be transformative and revolutionary.
Narayana Business School is recognized as the preferred destination for top companies seeking exceptional talent and future leaders. As one of the leading B-Schools in the country, NBS prides itself on being among the first to successfully  conclude its final placements each year. With a strong network of 670+ corporate recruiters, NBS consistently meets the managerial requirements of these esteemed organizations, with the highest package offered surpassing 32 Lakhs.

Our stellar placement record spanning over 23 years is a testament to the exceptional quality of our pedagogy. NBS instils a culture of excellence that fosters one of the highest-quality placements in India. By incorporating the best educational practices, we ensure that our students are equipped with the necessary competencies to thrive in an ever-changing industrial landscape.

Impressive Placements Statistics @NBS | Mapping Success

Begin Your Success Story with NBS’s Remarkable Placement Achievements! 🌟

Hello Future Leaders! Curious about where your journey at Narayana Business School can take you? It’s not just a tale of numbers and charts; it’s a collection of wonderful success stories, crafted every year! Ready to embark on this exciting journey and script your own success story with us?

At NBS, we don’t just create statistics, we create unique narratives of success, solidifying our stance as a leading MBA launchpad. Are you ready to pen down your success story and elevate your career trajectory with us?

Placement Diversity @ Narayana Business School | Mapping Success

Spectrum of Industries Participating In The Placement Process @ NBS

Our collaborations extend across a plethora of sectors and industries, showcasing the versatility and comprehensive nature of our curriculum and the diverse interests of our students. From the realms of IT to FMCG, and from Analytics to Edu Tech, NBS placements facilitate environments where passions and skills converge, enabling informed and fulfilling career trajectories.

Dive into Success: Explore NBS’s Placement Chronicles!

Welcome, Future Leaders, to a world where every number is a narrative, every report, a repository of dreams realized, and milestones achieved at Narayana Business School. Our placement reports are transparent reflections of our journey, symbolizing the spirit and values of NBS, and inviting you to experience our legacy.

Transparency & Transformation at Every Step!

We believe in transparency, showcasing every triumph and transformative tale that makes up the NBS family’s fabric. Our chronicles are not merely about placements but about holistic transformations, values, and the commitment that define us.

Navigate Through Stories, Not Just Statistics!

Our reports are your guides through the seas of opportunities and accomplishments at NBS, providing insights, values, and the panoramic evolution of our relentless pursuit of excellence. They are beacons illuminating our strategies, collaborations, and diversified opportunities, inspiring students, parents, and partners alike.

A Chronicle of Commitment & Excellence!

Leaf through our reports and walk the paths we’ve tread, exploring the evolution and ethos of NBS. Every report is a click away, a treasure trove of our commitment and journey, inviting you to be part of our growing legacy.

Esteemed Recruiters: Pioneers of Opportunity

Welcome to the Epicentre of Opportunities at NBS!

Greetings, Future Leaders! At Narayana Business School, we’re about more than just education; we’re about leveraging it to create meaningful, impactful success stories. With our transformative MBA placements, we’ve become the preferred choice for over 670+ organizations, including groundbreaking startups, leading national & international MNCs, and government entities.

NBS 670+ Preferred Corporate Recruiters | A Mosaic of Collaborations

Thriving Internship Statistics Igniting Career Launchpads @NBS

Exceptional learning with internships at NBS! Experience transformative roles, gain unrivalled exposure, and ignite your career with impactful experiences and a blend of opportunities, leaving a lasting imprint in your chosen field.
more than 450 students offered with PPOs and job placement, 235 companies recruited from NBS

Launching Aspirations with MBA/PGDM Internships at Narayana Business School

Welcome to Narayana Business School (NBS), where dreams get wings, and aspirations take flight! At NBS, internships are not just mere line items on a resume; they are transformative experiences, opening doors to passion and ambition!

Every student is a unique entity, and we proudly shun the one-size-fits-all approach. We guide our students to choose internships that match their aspirations and highlight their unique strengths, ensuring every role aligns perfectly with their career objectives.

NBS: A Vibrant Hub of Opportunities and Learning

The atmosphere at NBS is electric with corporate dialogues, extensive workshops, and a myriad of preparative activities as we gear up for our thrilling summer internship placement season. And the outcome? Our students, showcasing their calibre, secure between 2 to 4 sterling offers, reflecting both their competence and the industry’s faith in them!

Internships: A Journey of Impact and Exposure

At NBS, internships are comprehensive 90-day experiences, offer profound learning and unparalleled exposure. Our updated internship statistics reflect the abundant choices, impactful learning, and the significant imprint our students leave during their journey:

Strategized Placement Process: Crafting Unique Career Pathways for Every NBS Student

Within the vibrant academic landscape of NBS, we’ve woven our signature initiative – the Narayana Employment Enhancement Program (NEEP). It’s more than a program; it’s a commitment to you. It’s our pledge that every student graduating from NBS is not just academically enriched but also equipped with the most coveted industry skills, poised to leave a lasting impact in their respective fields. Our students, with foundations firmly built on academic excellence, practical insights, and exceptional industry knowledge, are not just degree holders. They’re emerging leaders, ready to navigate and conquer the dynamic world of business with finesse and foresight. Every journey is distinctive at NBS! We’ve strategically designed our placement process to align with your unique aspirations and goals, making your leap from lecture halls to corporate halls seamless and rewarding.
Detailed placement process to hire the best talent in the country, corporate leaders

Discover the Difference of a truly personalized and strategic placement at Narayana Business School, and embark on a journey where your uniqueness is celebrated, and your ambitions are nurtturned. see you at the pinnacle !

Placement calender of NBS Ahmedabad

Invest in Your Future: Unparalleled ROI with NBS

Welcome to Narayana Business School, where we don’t just offer outstanding placement opportunities but also ensure an exceptional return on investment (ROI) for our students. Let’s delve deeper to understand how NBS stands out, offering more than 100% ROI, and why this factor is crucial when choosing a B-School.

Understanding ROI in Education

Before we jump into the statistics, it’s important to grasp what ROI really means in the context of Business School education. It’s not just about quantifying benefits; it’s about measuring the value received against the investment made during the two academic years. Here’s a simplified breakdown of what constitutes costs and returns in this scenario.
more than 100% ROI with enrolling in NBS Ahmedabad

Narayana Business School Where Visionary Minds Excel

Real World Hands-on Learning

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