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In the midst of hectic academic schedules and bustling campus life, we often look forward to those brief pauses – the holidays. They offer us a chance to recharge, rejuvenate, and perhaps catch up on some pending assignments too!

We have designed the NBS Holiday Calendar for 2023-24 to help you orchestrate your academic year with finesse. Note down these dates, synchronize your study plans, and perhaps, pencil in that much-desired break. Here’s a preview of the year that awaits:

Your Guide to the Holidays for This Academic Year:

Date Day Holiday Details
29-07-2023 Saturday Muharram A day to reflect on justice and sacrifice.
15-08-2023 Tuesday Independence Day Celebrating the spirit of freedom and national unity.
30-08-2023 Wednesday Raksha Bandhan Honouring the special bond between siblings.
07-09-2023 Thursday Janmashtami Celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna.
19-09-2023 Tuesday Ganesh Chaturthi Marking the birth of Lord Ganesha with festivities.
28-09-2023 Thursday Id-e-Milad Celebrating the birth of Prophet Muhammad.
02-10-2023 Monday Gandhi Jayanti Commemorating the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi.
24-10-2023 Tuesday Dussehra A festival symbolizing the victory of good over evil.
10-11-2023 to 22-11-2023 Friday to Wednesday Diwali Vacation A festive season of lights, joy, and community bonding.
25-12-2023 Monday Christmas Celebrating joy, love, and the spirit of giving.
01-01-2024 Monday New Year Day Welcoming a new year with fresh hopes and aspirations.
14-01-2024 Sunday Uttarayan A festival to enjoy the kite flying and festive delights.
15-01-2024 Monday Vasi Uttarayan Continuing the festive spirit of Uttarayan.
26-01-2024 Friday Republic Day Celebrating the inception of the Constitution of India.
08-03-2024 Friday Shivratri A day to worship Lord Shiva, marking devotion and spirituality.
24-03-2024 Sunday Holi The festival of colours symbolizing the triumph of good over evil.
25-03-2024 Monday Dhuleti Extending the Holi celebrations with traditional festivities.
11-04-2024 Thursday Id-Ul-Fitr Marking the end of Ramadan with joyous celebrations.
21-04-2024 Sunday Mahavir Jayanti Honouring the life and teachings of Lord Mahavir.

Note: This is a provisional calendar, and the dates might be subject to changes. Stay tuned for the most recent updates to plan your year effectively.


Stay tuned for more updates and here’s to a fulfilling year ahead at NBS!

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