From retail to manufacturing, from service-based models to digital-native enterprises, digital transformation is the golden thread weaving through the fabric of all modern business success stories. It’s about leveraging AI, cloud computing, and other cutting-edge technologies to drive growth, streamline operations, and secure a competitive edge. This transformation has ushered in new business models, such as freemium and software-as-a-service, while revitalizing traditional ones with a digital twist. As we navigate this digital revolution, we face a labyrinth of challenges and opportunities. The conference will delve into these, exploring how businesses can harness digital transformation to not only survive but thrive. It will address the pressing need for businesses to adapt to digital changes, safeguard sensitive customer data, and stay ahead in a fiercely competitive landscape.

About Narayana Business School

Narayana Business School has redefined success over the past two decades, emphasizing global impact over traditional accolades. Founded by visionaries Dr. Amit Gupta and Dr. Purvi Gupta, the school transcends conventional education, guiding students towards careers that harmonize with the planet’s well-being. Through prestigious international conferences, like the recent ‘Innovation in Digital Transformation’, NBS fosters a nexus between enduring wisdom and modern management, championing business as a catalyst for sustainable progress. Students are taught to pioneer businesses that not only flourish financially but also contribute to societal and ecological restoration.

About The International Conference, 2023

The conference is designed as an odyssey, a journey that takes you through the depths of digital innovation, from the ethereal realms of AI and blockchain to the tangible impacts of cloud computing and IoT on everyday business operations. It’s an exploration of how these technologies are not just tools but catalysts for creating new business models, enhancing customer experiences, and driving unprecedented growth.


But beyond the showcase of technologies and strategies, the international conference at NBS serve as a medium to human spirit of curiosity and innovation. It’s a celebration of the collective ambition to not just adapt to the digital age but to lead it, to not just survive the waves of change but to ride them with prowess and vision.

Conference Patrons

Dr. Amit Gupta
Director, NBS

Dr. Purvi Gupta
Dean Academics, NBS

Objectives of the Conference

The core mission of the NBS international Conference on digital transformation and data innovation is to ignite a transformative spark within the global business community, guiding it through the labyrinth of digital evolution. It’s an invitation to join a vanguard of change-makers, to share in the collective wisdom of forward-thinkers, and to actively participate in shaping the future of business.


Firstly, it seeks to equip businesses with practical advice, research findings, and case studies to navigate and succeed in digital transformation efforts, focusing on the implementation of effective strategies and best practices. Secondly, the conference aims to enhance communication and collaboration among business leaders, industry experts, and innovators worldwide, fostering a network of shared knowledge and experiences. Lastly, it intends to provide a platform for discussing the impact of technological advancements on corporate leadership, creating an environment conducive to exploring the challenges and opportunities digital transformation presents to the business landscape.

Tracks / Subthemes

General Management

  1. The Impact of Industry 5.0 on Business Process Reengineering
  2. The Benefits and Challenges of Digital Transformation in MSMEs
  3. Adaptation of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics in Business Process Management
  4. Leveraging Digital Technology for Effective Management and Entrepreneurial Success
  5. Navigating the Digital Landscape for Managers
  6. The Impact of Digital Transformation on Business Strategy
  7. The Role of Business Intelligence in Driving Management Decisions
  8. The Importance of User-Centered Design in Ensuring Ethical Business Practices


  1. Integration of Digital Transformation into Marketing Strategies
  2. Navigating the Business Intelligence Landscape for Marketing Management
  3. Best Practices for Digital Marketing in a Transformed World
  4. The Future of Marketing in the Digital Age
  5. Innovations and Advancements in Digital Marketing : Emerging Trends and Technologies
  6. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Digital Advertising and Branding
  7. Developing a Strong Brand Identity in a Digital World
  8. Understanding Consumer Behavior in the Digital Age


  1. Impact of Digital Transformation on HR Practices and Processes
  2. The Role of HR in Driving Digital Transformation in Organizations
  3. Adaptation and Implementation of HR Technology Solutions
  4. The Future of Work and Its Impact on HR Management
  5. The Role of HR in Managing the Cultural and Organizational Changes Brought by Digital Transformation
  6. The Impact of Digitalization on Employee Engagement and Well-being
  7. Employee Upskilling and Reskilling in the Era of Digital Transformation
  8. HR Analytics and the use of Big Data in Talent Management


  1. The Impact of Digital Transformation on Financial Planning and Budgeting
  2. Digital Tools and Technologies for Financial Management
  3. The Role of Big Data and AI in Financial Management
  4. The Benefits and Challenges of Automated Financial Management
  5. Cybersecurity and Financial Management in the Digital Age
  6. The Influence of Digital Transformation on Investment and Risk Management
  7. The Future of Digital Payments and Their Impact on Financial Management
  8. The Importance of User Experience in Financial Management Systems


  1. The Role of Cloud Computing in Digital Transformation
  2. The Benefits and Challenges of Digital Transformation for IT Organizations
  3. The Influence of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on IT
  4. The Importance of Cybersecurity in the DIgital Business World
  5. The Importance of User-Centered Design in IT and Digital Transformation
  6. The Benefits and Challenges of Agile Methodology in IT and Digital Transformation
  7. Opportunities and Challenges for Information Technology in the Digital World
  8. The Impact of Digital Transformation on E-commerce Customer Service and Support


  1. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Automation on Operation Management
  2. The Impact of Digital Transformation on logistics Network Design
  3. The Influence of Digital Transformation on Supply Chain Management
  4. The Role of Lean Management and Continuous Improvement in Digital Transformation
  5. The Benefits and Challenges of Digital Transformation in Service Operations
  6. The Impact of Digital Transformation on Quality Management in Operations
  7. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in logistics and Inventory Management
  8. The Benefits and Challenges of Cross-Border Logistics in a Digital World

Chief Guest

Dr Nehal Shukla

Professor, Department of Mathematics

Recipient of CSU Teaching Excellence Award 2022

Columbus State University, United States

Dr Nehal Shukla is a distinguished Professor in the field of mathematics at Columbus State University in the United States. She is a prominent member of the academic community and has recieved numerous accolades and awards for her outstanding contributions to research. Dr Shukla has an impressive list of research publications, which include numerous articles published in prestigious international journals. Her extensive research and academic contributions have earned her international recognition and esteem.

Distinguished Speakers

Prof. (Dr) Meera Mathur

Director and Chairperson

Faculty of Management Studies,

Mohanlal Sukhadia University

Prof. (Dr) Meera Mathur has a vast teaching and research experience of over 26 years. She is also a life member of Indian Academic Researchers Association, The Society for Management Educators, Kurukshetra and National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM), Kolkata. She is a Keen researcher with more than 95 works already published. Being a passionate environmentalist, she has also published various research papers on sustainability and environmental conservation. Her expertise lies in the areas of retail management, marketing research, consumer behavior and business communication.

Neil Harwani

Director, HSOPC

Customer Success Architect at Liferay

Neil has performed various roles over the span of 16+ years of a successful career in the IT industry like Customer Success Architect, Developer, Senior Developer, Tech Lead, Solutions Architect, Presales, Sales, Business Analyst, and Project Manager. Having started his career with a small internet-based start-up in year 2000 as a part-time unpaid intern programming in ASP, VB& MS Access; he has worked with many tech giants like Wipro, IBM, L&T Infotech, Mphasis, Tech Mahindra, and Liferay. He is also passionate towards academia and often interacts with students from various fields to share his knowledge and expeience with them.

Call for Papers

Abstract along with full papers are invited from prospective authors and research scholars on the theme / subthemes of the e-international conference, 2023. Submitted research papers will be subjected to a blind review by the panel of experts. We solicit your active participation and support by submitting research papers and sponsoring the delegates in making this e-international conference a successful endeavor.

Benefits to participants

  • All paper presenters will be issued an e-certificate for the presentation.
  • All registered authors/co-author/delegates will be issued an e-certificate for the participation.
  • All accepted papers will be published in a UGC CARE listed journal.
  • Select papers will be given an opportunity to get published in a SCOPUS indexed/ABDC journal.
  • Best paper in each track will be awarded during the valedictory session.

Guidelines for the Authors

  • Academicians, Practitioners, and Research scholars are encouraged to send their original, unpublished work in the form of absracts/research papers.
  • The abstact should not exceed the limit of 250 words and should include 4 to 5 keywords.
  • The full paper should not exceed the limit of 7000 words.
  • The text of the abstracts/ full paper to be in Times New Roman (TNR), Font size 12pt., 1.5 spaced and aligned justified format.
  • Up to three authors are allowed to be included for each submission of abstracts/full paper.
  • Registration for the conference is to be done by the corresponding author only.
  • At least one author for each submission must make a presentation of his/her work on the day of the conference to avail the certificate.

Important Dates

Last Date for Submission of Abstracts

25 March,2023

Notification of Acceptance of Abstracts

31 March, 2023

Last Date for Submission of Full Paper

25 April, 2023

Notification of Acceptance of Full Paper

1 May, 2023

Last Date for Payment and Registration

6 May, 2023

Conference Date

13 May, 2023

Registration Process

  1. Abstracts and Full papers must be emailed to [email protected]
  2. Online Registration Link for all participants including paper presenters:


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Registration Fees


INR 2500

Industry Experts

INR 3000

International Participants

$ 50

Research Scholars

INR 2000


INR 1000


INR 500

Conference Convener




Dr Shivangi Shukla

Ph. 96872 22268

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Ms. Noopur Surti

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