Program Structure: PGDM Quantitative: Revolution in Finance Learning!

Hop into the next-gen way of finance learning with the PGDM Quantitative Finance program structure at Narayana Business School. It’s time to shake things up! Our data-centric PGDM finance program dishes out real-world experiences, sharp analytics, and a deep dive into the maze of quantitative finance & business. Ready to rethink finance?

Step Up Your Skills with the PGDM Quantitative Finance Subjects at NBS

At NBS, our trimester-themed PGDM Quantitative Finance program is all about immersing you in real-life challenges and captivating case studies. But it’s not just about earning a degree; it’s about transforming you into a decision-making dynamo, poised to leave a mark worldwide.
Curious about the Quantitative Finance program details? Picture this: A two-year rollercoaster, broken down into six exhilarating trimesters. We’ve got a roster of over 50 courses, merging textbook knowledge with hands-on action. And here’s the cherry on top: As you wrap up your first year, a world of Quantitative Finance internship experiences swings open. Engage in a three-month domain internship, rubbing shoulders with the finance world’s finest. Ready to leap ahead?

Year 1: The NBS PGDM Quantitative Finance Course Unveiled

Plunge headfirst into the vibrant business cosmos with our Quantitative Finance subjects at NBS. Forget traditional paths; here, you’ll weave through a tapestry of fields, from Finance Marketing, and HR to IT. Dive into projects that spotlight Data-Driven Decision Making, dissecting Financial Statements, and dabbling in Business Analytics with tools like SPSS and R.
Craving real-world action? Apart from the three-month industry plunge, you’ll be on the frontline, working on live projects with the corporate big leagues. We’re talking about a learning cocktail that marries classroom wisdom with on-ground hustle.
And the edge? We sprinkle in some extra value-added programs, ensuring you’ve got that special sparkle in the job market. Ready to zoom ahead?

Year 2: Specializing in Finance with NBSā€™s PGDM Quantitative Finance

Year two? That’s when the finance magic really unfolds. It’s showtime for the Finance specialization courses in your PGDM QF journey. Soak in insights from the finance gurus, tap into the corporate pulse, and hone those game-changing strategies. As a grand finale, your Quantitative Finance capstone project will be your moment to shine, reflecting all you’ve learned and mastered.
With our world-class teaching style, we’re all about prepping you to stand tall. Equip yourself, gather that knowledge, and get set to leave an impressive footprint in the dynamic arena of quantitative finance. Ready to conquer?

Program Summary

TRIMESTER - I 26 450 400 850
TRIMESTER - II 26 450 400 850
TRIMESTER - III 26 450 400 850
TRIMESTER - IV 26 450 400 850
TRIMESTER - V 26 450 400 850
TRIMESTER - VI 18 300 300 600
SUMMARY 145 2450 2300 4850
0 +

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