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Frequently Asked Questions On Student Clubs

Joining a club at NBS is a breeze! Simply reach out to the respective club heads or fill out the membership form available on our website. We encourage students to explore their interests and actively participate in the clubs. 

Absolutely! At NBS, we believe in fostering a multi-dimensional growth environment. Feel free to join as many clubs as you wish to enrich your campus life experience. 

Our vibrant clubs organize a plethora of events ranging from cultural festivals to workshops and webinars on current industry trends. You’ll find a diverse array of activities that cater to various interests and foster a rich learning environment. 

No, there are no fees associated with joining any club at NBS. Our clubs are a platform for students to explore their passions and develop new skills without any financial commitments. 

We love enthusiastic members! You can contribute by volunteering for events, sharing your innovative ideas, or even taking up a leadership role within the club. Feel free to discuss your thoughts with the club heads. 

Yes, our clubs often collaborate to host inter-disciplinary events and workshops. This approach allows members to gain a well-rounded perspective and learn from different fields. 

Certainly! Our alumni are a vital part of the NBS community. We frequently invite alumni to join events, share their experiences, and contribute to the vibrant NBS culture.

At NBS, clubs are more than just extracurricular activities. They provide hands-on experiences, networking opportunities, and a platform to hone various skills that will be beneficial in your professional journey. 

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