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PGDM – Dual Specialization

PGDM – Data Science and Analytics

PGDM – Quantitative Finance



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on MBA vs PGDM

General Queries

MBA, a degree program from universities, emphasizes theoretical knowledge. In contrast, PGDM, offered by autonomous institutes like Narayana Business School, focuses on practical skills relevant to the industry.
Yes, both are recognized for career advancement and further studies, especially when accredited by bodies like AICTE, as with NBS programs.

Curriculum and Focus

NBS’s MBA covers a wide range of management theories, while our PGDM is practice-oriented, and regularly updated to align with industry needs.
PGDM at NBS, known for its practical emphasis and real-world business exposure, is ideal for entrepreneurial aspirations.

Admissions and Eligibility

Both programs typically require a minimum graduation percentage and scores in NBSAT or other entrance exams like CAT, XAT, or MAT.
While beneficial, work experience is not mandatory. It adds significant value, particularly for executive variants of these programs.

Fees and Investment

Generally, MBA programs are more affordable, whereas PGDM programs, due to their practical nature and autonomy, might have a higher fee structure.

Career and Placements

NBS ensures robust placement support for both programs, preparing graduates for diverse roles in various sectors.

Specializations and Teaching Methodology

Yes, NBS offers multiple specializations for both, with PGDM providing more contemporary and industry-relevant options.
NBS’s MBA program follows a more traditional approach, while PGDM utilizes dynamic methods like case studies and simulations.

International Exposure and Networking

Absolutely, NBS integrates international business perspectives in both programs through exchange programs and global case studies.

Learning Experience and Environment

Both programs at NBS promote interactive learning; however, PGDM is more inclined towards hands-on projects and real industry engagement.

Flexibility and Customization

While the core modules are fixed, NBS offers elective options in both programs, allowing for a degree of personalization in the learning experience.

Faculty and Mentorship

NBS’s faculty comprises experienced academicians and industry professionals, ensuring a blend of theory and practical insights.

Alumni Network and Support

NBS boasts a strong and active alumni network, providing graduates with excellent opportunities for networking and career advancement.

Accreditation and Recognition

Yes, both programs are globally recognized, with PGDM accredited by AICTE and MBA aligned with GTU standards.

Career Impact

These programs are designed to significantly enhance leadership and managerial skills, opening doors to numerous career opportunities.
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