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PGDM – Dual Specialization
PGDM – Data Science and Analytics
PGDM – Quantitative Finance

Data Science, Big Data Tools And Management (All In One)

The $650 Billion Industry Is Promising

The future undoubtedly reserves a comfortable niche for big data along its associated fields of study – Data Science, Data Analytics, and Data Engineering. Moreover, this inviting realm promises highly rewarding and sought-after roles for those adept at harnessing the vast amounts of data generated globally every second – the Data Scientists. Data scientists are expected to earn between $65k and $153k per year, making it the next ideal occupation. And we nourish the best in the country every year.

Big Data Analytics - 2 Years, Real Impact

6 trimesters, 2 years, multiple real world projects, use of big data science tools like Hadoop, Power BI and Tableau and AI. Rub shoulders with the giants of data science and carve your path in the digital cosmos. Here, every class, case study, and project is a challenge, a puzzle waiting for you to unlock it with your unique insight. From Day One, you’re not just learning; you’re applying, experimenting, and innovating. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, we propel you into data science internships where you’re not just observing – you’re making waves, influencing decisions, and leaving your mark.

Year 1: Foundation Of Programming, Big Data Analytics, And Business

You’ll start by cracking the code with Python, laying down the essential programming foundation every data scientist needs. Your toolkit will expand with cutting-edge courses in data visualization and big data analytics, using tools like Hadoop, Spark, and Power BI. But it’s not all about the data; you’ll also polish your business skills. Get real-world projects that bridge theory with practice, preparing you for the multifaceted challenges of the business world. From cloud computing to the legalities of IT, you’ll be ready for it all, with a strong personal skill set to boot.

Year 2: Corporate Experience, Advanced Analytics, And Strategic Decision-Making

It kicks off with a summer internship, immersing you in the corporate world. Learn the complexities of NoSQL databases, operations research, and realms of neural networks and natural language processing. Year 2 shapes you into a thought leader. With insights into entrepreneurship, strategic management, and the ethical dimensions of data science, you’re prepared to make decisions that matter. Hands-on projects, a hackathon, and a capstone project challenge you to apply everything you’ve learned, showcasing your readiness to tackle the world’s data-driven questions.

Days of Live Corporate Exposure

Trusted Corporate Recruiters

Master Data Science And Analytics

Math Genius

Master vectors and calculus, the backbone of data analysis.

SQL Savant

Dominate database navigation and management.

Code Craftsman

Excel in Python and R, the lingua franca of data science.

ETL Maestro

Streamline data with precision using Apache NiFi.

ML Innovator

Unravel predictive models and patterns with finesse.

AI Architect

Forge the future with TensorFlow and deep learning.

Big Data Vanguard

Command Hadoop and Spark, leading the data revolution.

Visualization Prodigy

Create captivating data stories with Tableau.

Hackathon Victor

Triumph in real-world challenges, proving your prowess.


Solve management problems with business analytics

Masters In Data Science, Masters In Business Analytics, Get Best Of The Best

Excel at Excel, code with Python, manage data with MongoDB, and navigate big data with Hadoop. Visualize success with Power BI and Tableau, and manipulate data like a pro with Pandas. Your path to tech mastery and solving business problems begins here.

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