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PGDM – Dual Specialization

PGDM – Data Science and Analytics

PGDM – Quantitative Finance



Dive Into PGDM Data Science & Business Analytics at NBS

Ready to Fuel Your Data Science Curiosity?

Join us at Narayana Business School for a unique learning adventure in our PGDM Data Science & Business Analytics course. Let’s ditch the traditional! Here, we mesh business basics, data analytics magic, and hands-on projects. You’ll get a hang of cool stuff like data visualization and predictive analytics. Think of it as building your toolkit for the buzzing world of data science.

Level Up with Real Skills in Data Science At NBS

Our PGDM Data Science & Business Analytics course isn’t just about lectures and exams. We put you right in the thick of real-world challenges and cool case studies. By the end of it, you’ll not just graduate; you’ll transform. Ready to make smart, data-driven decisions? We thought so!

Got two years? Perfect! We’ve packed them with six exciting trimesters. Loads of courses, real-world application, and yes – by the end of the first lap, you step into the real-world with internship opportunities. How’s networking with the bigwigs of data science sound?

Year 1: Your PGDM Data Science Adventure Begins

Step into the business world, exploring everything from Marketing and HR to IT. You’ll work on projects, diving deep into Data-Driven Decision Making and Business Analytics. And hey, we’ve tied up with top companies, so you get to work on real-time industry projects. Plus, we’ve got some special programs up our sleeve to give you that edge in the job world.

Year 2: Mastering Data Science & Business Analytics Gear up!

Year two is all about diving deeper. This is your playground – learn from the best in the industry, get a taste of the real corporate world, and hone killer strategies. And the grand finale? Show off your skills with a Data Science capstone project. With our top-notch teaching style, you’re not just another student; you’re the future of data science.

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Days of Live Corporate Exposure


Trusted Corporate Recruiters

Skills You'll Brag in our PGDM Data Science & Business Analytics course at NBS is a treasure trove:

Maths Whiz

Dive into math concepts like vectors and calculus. Yep, they're crucial for data analysis.

Database Pro

Get comfy with databases and SQL.

Coding Champ

Play around with programming languages like Python and R.

ETL Guru

Ace data extraction, transformation, and loading with tools like Apache NiFi.

Machine Learning Maverick

Decode predictive modeling and data patterns.

Deep Learning Dynamo

Explore neural networks using tools like TensorFlow.

Big Data Buff

Get your hands dirty with tech like Hadoop and Spark.

Visual Wizard

Make data look good with visualization tools like Tableau.

Hackathon Hero

Put your skills to test in real-world challenges.

Tech Tools You'll Master Data Science isn't just about data; it's about the tools too.

During your time with us, you’ll become pals with MS Excel, Python, MongoDB, Hadoop, and more. Want to visualize data like a pro? We’ve got you covered with Power BI and Tableau. And yes, you’ll also get to play around with the Pandas library.