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NBS Student Clubs: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dive into the heart of student life at Narayana Business School by exploring our wide range of student clubs. From cultural engagements to professional development, our clubs offer endless opportunities for growth, leadership, and community involvement.

General Questions

At NBS, we pride ourselves on offering a rich tapestry of 15 vibrant student clubs, encompassing Cultural, Philanthropic, Financial, Sports, Marketing, HR, Entrepreneurship, Photography, Writing, social media, Placement, Economic, Data & Analytics, Technical, and the Student Council. Each club is meticulously designed to enrich your academic journey and social fabric at NBS.
Embarking on your club journey at NBS is straightforward. Simply navigate to our Student Clubs Portal, select your club of choice, and click “Join Now”. For a more personal touch, attend our club introduction sessions offered at the semester’s onset, or directly connect with the club’s representative.
While most of our clubs’ welcome members without any fees, some may require a nominal contribution to fund their vibrant array of events and activities. For detailed information on club fees, please visit the individual club pages on the NBS website or directly inquire with the club’s representatives.

Club Activities and Events

Our clubs at NBS are the epicentres of dynamic events, ranging from workshops and guest lectures to competitions, cultural festivals, sports tournaments, and philanthropic endeavours. These activities are designed as a holistic platform for student development.
Yes, indeed! We champion the exploration of diverse interests at NBS and encourage membership across multiple clubs. It’s a wonderful opportunity to broaden your horizons, though we recommend balancing your commitments to ensure academic excellence.
Innovation is the lifeblood of our student clubs. Share your visionary ideas with club leadership during meetings or through our vibrant communication channels. Your proactive engagement is highly valued and can lead to enriching experiences for all members.

Leadership and Development

Leadership roles abound within NBS clubs, from President and Vice President to Secretary and committee leads. These pivotal positions are accessible through democratic elections or recognition of your dedication and contribution to the club’s ethos.
Our clubs serve as conduits for professional development, offering a bridge between academic theories and real-world applications through industry interactions, workshops, and networking opportunities, thereby enhancing your marketability and career trajectory.

Participation and Engagement

Absolutely! We warmly welcome first-year students to dive into club life at NBS from the outset. It’s a fantastic avenue to assimilate into the NBS community, discover new passions, and forge enduring friendships.
Should you wish to pioneer a new club, we invite you to present your proposal to the Student Affairs office, detailing the club’s mission, envisaged activities, and potential membership. Your initiative could spark a new chapter in NBS’s vibrant club history.

Support and Resources

NBS is committed to empowering student clubs with comprehensive support, including event spaces, activity funding, promotional tools, and dedicated faculty advisors, ensuring each club’s success and impact.
For detailed insights into a particular club or to address any queries, feel free to reach out to the club’s leadership team or contact the Student Affairs office, the nexus of student club operations at NBS.
For more information and to start your journey with NBS student clubs, visit our Student Clubs Portal today.

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