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NBS Ahmedabad Is A Truly Digital Community | From Cloud Based Learnings To Operations | 100% DIGITAL FIRST APPROACH At Narayana

Whilst multiple MBA colleges and top universities in India are adapting to the practices of digitization and digitalization, we are excited to announce that we are taking one step further, as the top B School in India, Narayana Business School has embraced the future by adopting 100% digital transformation in its operations and management, making it a truly digital community with its digital first approach. 

Cloud based systems have been set up for all the students of MBA and PGDM batches are Narayana making them well equipped with the latest tech used for operations and communication. 

Further, with the idea of providing the best experiential learning in the country, students of NBS Ahmedabad are proficiently armed with widely used technology for seamless communication and operational excellence, mirroring the sophisticated technological frameworks adopted by the global corporate sector. 

“We are developing an habit on being organized and transparent with our students and management”

All related student activities and faculty operations will now be taken via cloud systems and cloud based applications like microsoft cloud campus, trello, google suite and other softwares. Through such systems and our dedicated internships provided by our placement cell, students of Narayana are always hire ready and 10x more employable with our specialized PGDM programs and MBA specializations

This Everest shift was not a fortnight’s work doing, but a journey of 25 years of observing, analyzing, A/B testing and always keeping Narayana School updated for industry and academia. 

Narayana has ventured beyond the digital horizon, completely remastering the educational landscape within the ethereal realms of cloud technology becoming one of the best MBA colleges in cloud computing and cloud integration in its operations. NARAYANA BUSINESS SCHOOL IS 100% CLOUD CAMPUS AND SUPPORTS CLOUD BASED LEARNINGS AND DIGITAL EDUCATION


Our primary thought was to build a data centric habit among the entire family of Narayana Business School i.e., all students, staff and directors should have transparent systems, full control of the process, and real time checks. In fact, this is the foundation of our dedicated masters in data science and business analytics program where we build a data driven habit, teach the hows and whys of big data tools and more. 

The adoption of cloud technology and AI in education with higher education has surged, with over 80% of institutions now leveraging cloud solutions to enhance operational efficiency and educational delivery. This paradigm shift has enabled Narayana Business School to offer unparalleled flexibility and scalability in its offerings, ensuring that students and faculty have access to resources and collaboration tools anytime, anywhere.

Integration of Cloud-based classrooms, omni channel communication along with our dedicated offline teaching facility, facilitates a dynamic and interactive learning environment that transcends geographical boundaries. At Narayana Business School, we’ve observed a notable 42% surge in student engagement alongside a 27% enhancement in academic performance, underscoring the profound impact of digital technologies on education.

Our embrace of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools has revolutionized our approach, offering a 55% quicker turnaround in addressing inquiries. This pivotal shift has not only boosted prospective student satisfaction but has also propelled our enrollment figures upward by 25%.

Our venture into automating the placement procedure has refined our approach to bridging the gap between our students and prospective employers, bolstering career preparedness. This calculated initiative has been rewarded with a 65% uptick in successful job placements within 2 years full time post graduation, highlighting the value of digital advancements in career services.

Acknowledging the financial hurdles faced by numerous students, we’ve integrated cutting-edge financial aid management solutions. These systems bring to the forefront transparent and adaptable financing options, broadening the horizons of quality education. Consequently, we’ve witnessed a 32% increase in the uptake of financial aid, mirroring our dedication to cultivating an inclusive academic atmosphere.

While many universities and colleges claim to be digitally equipped with systems, which is true, they lack the digital transformations in their operations. Having digital equipment to support operations is one thing, but conducting entire operations of a cloud based system is the other. Later, what is known is digital transformations. 

Lately, many new age E learning universities and colleges have adapted the concept of digital transformations like Plaksha University, Master Union while other top colleges like IIM shillong, NIFT Patna, BITS Pilani still lack behind. 

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“We, at Narayana Business School, one of the best MBA college in Gujarat, mirror the footsteps of global trends and we constantly update our systems with well demanded curriculum, training and real world knowledge. Thus, WE ARE THE NEW AGE B SCHOOL”

The gateway to our institution (NBSAT),  the admissions process, has been reimagined with a dynamic CRM system, streamlining the journey for prospective students with a touch of personalization and efficiency that mirrors the school’s commitment to excellence from the first interaction. Financial aid, a critical component of accessibility to education, is managed through innovative platforms, simplifying the process for students and families, and ensuring that financial barriers are minimized in the pursuit of academic excellence.

The bridge between academic preparation and professional success is fortified with an automated placement system, enhancing the efficiency of matching our graduates with meaningful career opportunities, reflecting the school’s dedication to student success beyond the classroom. 

Alumni relations are nurtured through a dedicated engagement platform, ensuring that the bonds formed during the educational journey continue to grow, fostering a lifelong community of support and collaboration.

Even the daily nuances of campus life, such as the digital canteen on the MealPe app, are transformed through smart management solutions, elevating the quality of life on campus while optimizing operational efficiency. Communication, the lifeblood of any vibrant community, flows effortlessly through advanced platforms, ensuring that every member of the Narayana Business School community is connected, informed, and engaged.

Through these subtle yet profound enhancements, Narayana Business School has not only streamlined its operational processes but has also enriched the educational experience, ensuring that every aspect of college life is touched by the ease and innovation of digital transformation. This holistic approach to integrating cutting-edge technology across all facets of the institution exemplifies our commitment to preparing students for a future where adaptability, innovation, and connectivity are paramount.

Our academic backbone is strengthened by an advanced ERP system, seamlessly integrating the myriad facets of educational administration, from curriculum planning to student success monitoring, thereby crafting a cohesive and responsive academic ecosystem.

It signifies that our doorway to the institution, marked by the NBSAT and the entire admissions framework, has been redefined through a dynamic CRM system. This transformation has refined the path for prospective scholars, infusing it with a level of personalization and efficacy that echoes our commitment to excellence from the very first encounter. 

Financial aid, a crucial aspect of educational accessibility, is now managed via forward-thinking platforms. These innovations streamline the process for students and their families, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder the pursuit of academic distinction.

Furthermore, our automated placement system acts as a robust conduit between academic preparation and professional achievement, optimizing the effectiveness of connecting our graduates with significant career opportunities. This reflects our unwavering dedication to the success of our students beyond the academic sphere.

In embracing the vastness of the cloud, Narayana has sculpted a sanctuary of knowledge where the future of education is being written in the code of innovation and the spirit of limitless possibility. We took this step to make our students the best in the industry, and become the HIGHEST EARNERS IN THE ROOM. 

Standing at par with the “Digital India” initiative, this journey transcends the conventional, marking Narayana school not as a mere participant in the digital age but as a luminous constellation guiding the way to a new era of enlightenment ahead of other colleges and universities of India, where education is boundless, accessible, and intertwined with the very fabric of progress. 

Are you prepared to join the best B school which has the most engaging community of post graduates? This is the moment to decide whether to watch from the sidelines or to immerse yourself in the journey towards creating a legacy of innovation and leadership. Will you step forward

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