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NBSAT Round 2 Ends Soon: NBSAT 1 Results Out, 2023 Batch Placed On Top Of The Ladder – Register Today For The MBA Entrance Exam With NBS

We have had a great year with our NBSAT 1 registrations (results are out on the portal), placements of batch 2021-2023 and going strong with NBSAT round 2. But we wish to make our upcoming batches bigger stars of the corporate world. At NBS, we brim the potential within students, help them recognize their expertise within and the rest is history. With a successful NBSAT round 1, we have announced the second round of MBA entrance exam i.e., NBSAT which closes its registration on 29th January 2024. Clock is ticking. 

If you came here, we know you are our potential students, we know you are aspiring to enter the world of management and finance studies, and we know you have it in you to transform everything. For us? NBS will ensure that you get your ROI more than your investment with us.

Look no further than the Narayana Business School Aptitude Test, a pivotal gateway to unlocking a world-class education at Narayana Business School Ahmedabad ranking 3rd best MBA college in Gujarat right behind the IIMs.

The Narayana Business School Aptitude Test is an online proctored examination meticulously designed to assess the aptitude and potential of candidates aspiring to join NBS’s MBA + PGPCE and specialized PGDM programs. It serves as a crucial filter to identify individuals with the qualities and skills necessary for success in the field of management.

NBSAT ensures a level playing field for all applicants by maintaining a consistent eligibility criterion. Candidates are required to maintain a 60% aggregate score throughout their academic journey, encompassing their 10th, 12th, and graduation. This criterion, while stringent, ensures that only the most dedicated and academically proficient individuals make their way to NBS.

We have ranked 3rd best MBA college in Gujarat right behind IIM Ahmedabad with over 23 years of legacy. Our dedicated PGDM/MBA entrance exam reflects the same. NBSAT is all about testing the students the right away beyond the conventional practices of paper qualification. Designed by the academician duo, Dr. Amit Gupta and Dr. Purvi Gupta, NBSAT was designed minimizing the loopholes in the pan india CAT exam.

As NBSAT is again a pan India online exam, students have the ease to give the exam without having to worry about the writing speed, presentation and other factors. The MBA entrance exam is very targeted to the kind of students NBS nurtures and transforms their future by giving back for than they give NBS. This has been a standard practice at NBS Ahmedabad for decades now. 

We encourage students to go through our standard registration process carefully to avoid any mistakes or mishaps during the NBSAT registration for our upcoming batches. The journey to Narayana Business School begins with a straightforward registration process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  • Visit the Application Portal: Begin your registration journey by visiting
  • Register: Click on the “Register” button and provide your essential details. These details will help create your candidate profile.
  • Receive Registration Link: Shortly after registration, you will receive a registration link in your email inbox. This link is your gateway to the application form.
  • Access Application Form: Click on the registration link to access the application form. Here, you will have the opportunity to select your desired courses and enter your personal and academic information.
  • Document Upload: As part of the application process, you will need to upload essential documents, including a passport-sized photograph and your scanned signature.
  • Payment: Complete the registration by paying the INR 1,000 application fee using convenient payment gateways such as UPI, credit/debit cards, or net banking.

By following these simple steps, you will set the wheels in motion for your exciting journey towards a management education at NBS.

Fore More Information About NBSAT Please

Now, we want you to know what exactly you will be tested on and what you have to prepare for. The sections are segregated to test you skills that you may require in the future once you successfully graduate from NBS Ahmedabad. 

NBSAT is a comprehensive examination that evaluates candidates across key domains critical to success in management studies. The examination encompasses the following sections:

This section assesses your proficiency in quantitative skills and mathematical problem-solving. It consists of 30 questions, each carrying one mark, with a total of 30 marks available.

Data interpretation and adequacy are essential skills for effective decision-making in the business world. Similar to QT, this section comprises 30 questions, each worth one mark, totaling 30 marks.

A strong command of vocabulary is vital for effective communication in the corporate arena. The vocabulary section includes 20 questions, each carrying one mark, for a total of 20 marks.

Analytical reasoning, often referred to as logical reasoning, is a fundamental skill for problem-solving. This section contains 20 questions, each worth one mark, totaling 20 marks.

Effective reading comprehension is essential for understanding complex business documents and making informed decisions. This section includes 20 questions, each carrying one mark, for a total of 20 marks.

It is important to note that NBSAT is conducted as an online proctored exam with a duration of 120 minutes. The objective test format consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQs), providing candidates with a clear and structured approach to answering questions. One notable advantage of NBSAT is that there are no penalties for incorrect answers. This means that you can approach the exam with confidence, utilizing educated elimination techniques and making educated guesses where needed to maximize your score.

Admission to Narayana Business School is not solely based on NBSAT scores; it encompasses a holistic evaluation process. The various components of this process and their respective weightage are as follows:

The SOP carries a weightage of 20% in the evaluation process. It provides you with the opportunity to articulate your goals, aspirations, and reasons for pursuing a management education at NBS.

The NBSAT score plays a pivotal role, constituting 40% of the evaluation process. It reflects your performance in the aptitude test.

Your past academic performance and any relevant work experience are considered during the evaluation, with a weightage of 20%.

The personal interview, an integral part of the admission process, holds a weightage of 20%. During the interview, you have the opportunity to showcase your potential, aspirations, and suitability for NBS’s programs.

The Merit and Wait List will be published on the Narayana Business School website, and advancement from the WaitList is contingent on seat availability.

There’s a big reason and collaborative dedication involved in the success of NBS Ahmedabad, ranking 3rd best in Gujarat, right behind IIM – A and ranking in top 10 private MBA colleges in India. Ever since the commencement and the first batch of Narayana Business School, the college has had an ever changing approach towards its students and with its teaching styles as per the demands of the world. NBS has never made to follow the traditional footsteps of providing a post graduate college, instead NBS has become an emotion for its students and its staff. Going strong, 2023 batch has received some of the best placement LPAs and lateral packages throughout the country given the current market and global economy situations. 

Narayana Business School offers a plethora of advantages that make it an ideal choice for those pursuing management education in 2024:

Benefit from a robust network of successful alumni, especially in the finance sector. NBS’s alumni network opens doors to valuable connections and opportunities.

NBS’s curriculum is designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application. Industry-based accommodations and specialized programs provide students with the insights and skills needed to excel in their careers.

The PGDM Quantitative Finance course at NBS is distinguished by its partnership with Ernst & Young (EY). EY experts contribute to the program, ensuring students receive top-notch education in the field of quantitative finance. As a student, you will also gain alumni status at EY, further expanding your network and career prospects.

Beyond academic excellence, NBS places a strong emphasis on personal and professional development. Additional programs in areas such as Microsoft Office proficiency, digital marketing, and personality development enhance your skill set and prepare you for success in the corporate world.

NBS offers an exceptional return on investment, with average fees for two years of study falling below 10 lakh Rupees. The competitive salary packages received by NBS graduates demonstrate the excellent ROI offered by the institution.

In conclusion, NBSAT serves as your golden ticket to embark on a transformative journey at Narayana Business School. With our unparalleled commitment to quality education, industry-aligned curriculum, and a holistic approach to student development, NBS Ahmedabad stands out as a beacon of excellence in management education. By choosing NBS, you are not just enrolling in a course; you are stepping into a world of endless opportunities, mentorship, and growth.

The clock is ticking, and your future in the dynamic world of business awaits. Don’t let this opportunity slip away. Register today for NBSAT Round 2 and take the first step towards realizing your dreams and carving out your niche in the corporate world. Remember, at NBS, we don’t just shape careers; we shape futures.

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